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Tips on Getting Listed on OKEx

Tips on Getting Listed on OKEx
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From Consensus: Singapore to DELTA Summit (Malta), I’ve been traveling around the globe to meet as many of our users and project teams as I can this year. Interestingly, though not surprisingly, the one question that my team and I encountered the most is «how can my project get listed on OKEx?»

And yes, you are heard. So, despite many existing articles about our listing regime out there, I am giving a few more tips on getting your project listed on our platform here.

1. We don't charge listing fee, but get your budget prepared

It comes as no surprise to me that the most FAQ about listing is how much listing fee we charge. And my answer is: NO. We don’t charge any fee for listing. But money wise, we do require a security deposit (which is to be returned after successful listing) and your marketing budget for user engagement campaigns.

Such requirements are already stated in our website and official channels, but I’d like to bring it forth here just to make sure everyone is clear about that.


2. Don't even try to scam us

I put this in the second point because I take this very seriously. We know there are fraudulent projects trying to get listed, capitalize, and run away. Bad news to scammers, we have a very sophisticated system and experienced team to screen every application. If a project is identified as fraudulent, the project and the team will be blacklisted.


3. Make everything crystal-clear

Don't just throw us your whitepaper. Give us as many supporting documents as you can to detail your product, technology, token issuance, financial plan, marketing plan, roadmap, and team's capabilities, etc. Show us you know very clearly what you are doing.

4. Prove your project value

Drop the bragging. Show us your plan and rationale, explaining how your project can drive demand, how people will be incentivized, and how your token will get liquidity, etc. 

5. Open up

Don't be sneaky when our guy reaches out for more details about your project. Be honest about your project's progress or problem and we can try to sort things out. Insufficient disclosure is a big no-no which even can cause a listed project being delisted from our platform.

6. Your community work is important

Don't please us. Get support from your community instead. Your token needs community support to generate liquidity and market value. And that's one of the things that we weigh.

7. Don't spam us

Don't flood our mailbox and social media with your listing request or questions about progress. You won't get the answer you want this way.

8. There are different ways to get listed

If you've done some studies about our listing regime, you should have known that we have three methods of listing, namely Vote, Collaboration, and Community Building. Pick the method that suits your strength and go ahead.

In case you missed the details, here is the link:

OKEx listing support

11 Oct 2018
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