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Savio Gomez

Fintech Connector | Blockchain AI StartUp Advisor | Capt | PhD | Auditor | Inspector

A new scam targeting ICO Advisors? 07 Oct 2018

A new scam targeting ICO Advisors?

This from a fellow Advisor, whose metamask was recently hacked. Let's call him «Adam» for convenience sake.

Adam is popular and out of the many many connection requests he receives each day — One introduced himself as «Roger», the CEO of a company called RedMask that was planning to go into ICO. Roger was apparently attracted to Adam's very well established ICObench profile!

Without wasting much time, they jumped on Skype — Adam was told that RedMask's product was going to be the new metamask. Next Roger sent Adam a CRX (Chrome extension) file. That was apparently the finished product, forget about MVP said Roger — we are way ahead of any other ICO in terms of development‼️

Roger kept pushing the ready product agenda, promised some amazing mega compensation to be part of the ICO. Roger apparently wanted an ICO advisor now ‼️ VC invesors were waiting to seed the project and blah blah blah.

Adam, not sure what he was thinking (probably was high on something) or just being the sweet but greedy dodo he is, installed the CRX file and well.... You can guess what happened next!

Many have often told me that when you unlock your metamask, it is possible for the address you are currently using to be viewed by all the other tabs you have open in your web browser. While this may not seem to be a cause for concern at first glance, it provides malicious parties with the information they can use to mislead you and eventually steal your funds.

But when one unlocks metamask and then install's some shit code chrome extension...... you are asking for trouble.

Needless to say that Rogers profile was a fake and has since faded into oblivion.

Due dillegence, patience and care goes a long way in any business venure. And also applicable when connecting with people.

I belive this just reinforces it.....

«The plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance, but everyone who is hasty comesonly to poverty» - Proverbs 21:5

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