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Cryptocurrency Creating New Economic Landscape

Cryptocurrency Creating New Economic Landscape

While several individuals are apprehensive about investing in crypto, there are a remarkable number of people who are willing to accept salaries in cryptocurrency from around the world. It is interesting to see that there are more than 6 freelancer platforms who are already paying in cryptocurrencies. For obvious reasons there is a 15% increase in the numbers of companies minting cryptocurrency tokens in Russia.

Though there is no explicit statement allowing payment with crypto, workers in Costa-Rica are allowed to legally receive their salaries in crypto currency.

It is also becoming a trend to pay football players with cryptocurrency. The relationship between football and payment in crypto is already well established. This is about the formation of a very brave economic landscape. Football clubs that pay salaries in crypto are doing it to subsidize for the clubs. This is as well a bid to open the market to the mainstream. It is also expected that payments in the football world will get less corrupt with this mode of payment.

In a recent survey is was revealed that nearly 35% of them are comfortable about receiving their salaries in cryptocurrency. They are willing to get either all of their salary or a part of their salary as blockchain tokens.

With robust technology backing the blockchain technology companies are now willing to pay their salaries with crypto. Individuals are in the lookout for those who are willing to sell them goods for cryptos like bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash, Dash, XDCE etc. when it becomes easy to exchange crypto for goods more and more people will be willing to accept full or part of their salaries in crypto.

It is interesting to spend your bitcoin on groceries. If the value of the bitcoin that you did not spend increases in value, you get more groceries the next day. An, interesting proposition. The value of your money increases the next day. Well, the same might not be interesting if the value is going to go down the next day. The extreme volatility is the major factor that prevents people from believing that they can use these crypto for regular payments.

Despite all this bitcoins and all cryptos are making use of the best minting and encryption techniques. When the cloud of concerns like tax evasion, cyber thefts, excess speculation, and money laundering are cleared, this might become the future money. The growth of the investor base for cryptos has attracted the attention of governments and regulators. They are trying to get a handle on this currency known by different names like crypto assets, coins, digital tokens, etc.

Since not more than 21 million of this digital currency will ever be created, makes it something that is at par with scarce commodities like gold and oil. These assets have the characteristics of securities and they are being considered to be traded via ETFs. Despite all this, there are lot of companies starting off with new token types and the initial coin offerings are literally everywhere. Commotions apart, cryptos are sure creating a new economic landscape.

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