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Why “Now” is the RIGHT time to invest in ICOs?

Why “Now” is the RIGHT time to invest in ICOs?

Talk about investments today and it’s the cryptocurrency ICOs that are commanding the maximum attention. But with the digital currencies still down, many aspiring investors are struggling with one main question- “Is it the right time to invest in ICOs?” Well, let me spill the truth- YES, “Now” is the perfect time to invest in ICOs. I have been studying ICOs since the historical launch of Bitcoin in 2009. And I can show some truly valid reasons behind why I believe the current week and the week after will be an excellent time to invest in ICOs.

Less competitors

FIFA World Cup and cryptocurrency ICOs apparently seem to share no connection with each other but there is an underlying link. With the 2018 World Cup in full swing, the entire world is currently hooked to the matches and almost everything else seems to have taken a backseat now- including the ICOs. Crypto prices are highly influenced by the level of interest in the market. With other investors glued to the soccer field, there is less involvement in ICOs at present. It automatically translates to less demand which implies lower costs and less competition in the ICOs.  So, if you are looking forward to invest in ICOs, you have an open field ahead where you can purchase your share at a comparatively lower stake.

More tokens at lower price

We all know crypto prices have been down for quite a while now. Bitcoin reached its All-Time-High ($19,498.63) in 2017 December and then Wham!- the BTC value crashed down to an awkward low. In June 2018, the BTC price dropped to $6,000 from $7,000 in May. There have been speedy recoveries but we are also seeing frequent drops.

Now, with the crypto values hitting south every now and then, it’s viable that a mass of investors is getting really skeptical about the potential of cryptocurrencies in near future. Threatened by lack of  interest from investors, the ICOs are extending tokens at fairly low rates to pull in more investors.

For example, let’s say an ICO was selling 10k Tokens for 1 ETH a few months back. I ETH was $800 couple of months back when the crypto values witnessed a sudden recovery. But with the ETH value down at the moment, the current price of 1 ETH is equal to a humble $500.

Crypto values will rise

Being a veteran crypto expert, I know a thing or two about the potential of cryptocurrencies in near future. And if you ask me, well, the crypto values are all set to rise over the next few months.

I believe BTC holds all the potential to amp up to over $50,000 by the 4th quarter of 2018. The main reason behind the magnanimous hike is huge investments made in BTC by big investment banks & top companies around the world. So, if you can invest in ICOs now, you will get more tokens in lower prices. And with crypto values about to pique in near future, you are going to see enormous profits by the end of this year.

Thus, a complete win-win for you.

So, my question is if not NOW, then When??

10 Aug 2018 cryptoicobtceth
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