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Connecting the Dots: Infrastructure of the Future

Connecting the Dots: Infrastructure of the Future

Over the last 18 months, I have seen an ever growing community of Blockchain supporters and early adopters that want to see this paradigm shift in innovation succeed.

It is well documented in many regions of the world that the ability to run a business on the Blockchain is a new way to offer transparency to all but also offer a global reduction in costs.

By offering certain types of systems to work inline with one another, we first of all need to create a global infrastructure.

We need to «connect the dots» in Blockchain and this starts off with the basics.

An unprecedented breakthrough for the world economies

Today, 8th September 2018, the Cryptocurrency market is on the verge of disaster. The talks, no sorry, the fake news of certain institutional groups going to offer us a facility to truly expand the worldwide use case of Cryptocurrencies and the future of banking has rocked the total market cap.

This isn't the first time this has happened and I can assure you that it will not be the last but, we are watching an already highly volatile infant market be manipulated by the very people we are looking to remove.

For years, centuries even, these bankers have taken suffocating control over our financial freedom, our ability to better ourselves and the countries we live in. They control the media, the taxman, they have total control over us!

What are we going to do about it? Sit back, let them now take control of the technology that was created to disrupt and breakdown the borders between commerce? 

We, Yes we! All of us need to take control of what we have been given and move forward with each and every one of us as part of the growing infrastructures that lies ahead. Our global roadmap to freedom of monopolies.

Placing trust eachother

Now this part is easier said than done.

How do I place my trust in some random person 4000 miles away hiding behind a computer with a vpn hiding his location? Hmm

Digital Identity?

First and foremost, we need identity on the Blockchain.

I had a rather long discussion with some «Billionaire» Dubai guys in London this week at the WBF conference and they stated the reason we are having so many issues throughout the industry is trust. They said that they want to place a regulatory framework that is not created by the banks or the governments but put in place by the people that use the technology.

I was a bit puzzled how they would do that but they said «decentralized software»

Okay, I got this one.

They are looking to create a complete identity network using multiple Blockchains that will allow from birth, a unique registration onto the ledger that will act like a lifelong identity stamp and you can use your own identity stamp to prove everything. The only worry was Quantum computers, if they ever come around, could they edit or take out Blockchain?

That story is for another day. Baffling.

Anyways, their idea was groundbreaking and what got me even startled was the fact that they are not running an ICO or STO or IPO or whatever term someone can use. They are self funding this because the problem we are also facing is the lack of trust in people running these Crowdsales.

I won't tell you who they are just yet, you will know soon enough. ;-)

So Identity on the Blockchain is the first point of Infrastructure?

In my personal opinion, yes!

If I am going to invest or play part in anything to do with this untrustworthy and let's be straight, scammy beyond any other industry, we need to implement Identity on the Blockchain which will also show Proof of Age.

Connecting those dots?

Once we have in effect the most straightforward, non edited and transparently documented way to prove identity without forged documents, we will be taking the next steps towards the greatest shift in world wealth since? I can't actually answer that. We have always bowed down to the banks. and the rich.

What we need today, not tomorrow or in a few years, is a plan or framework that will connect all our dots, all our companies, all our money in one single smart and efficient Blockchain that co-exists with the Multiverse of Blockchains.

Singularity, it's coming!

I will continue this topic in a week where I will lay out plans and a framework that I, along with many others who are not yet prepared to step up to the free speech arena believe are the first steps to make our unique Blockchains and the Cryptocurrency industry be adopted, globally!








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