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EBCF partners with Amazonian Communities to Launch AMA Coin, The World's First Regulated Green Coin

EBCF partners with Amazonian Communities to Launch AMA Coin, The World's First Regulated Green Coin

EBCF, a leading conservation agency, has partnered with local communities around the Amazon forest to introduce the world's first regulated green coin — AMA Coin. This coin will promote a four-pronged agenda: Sustainable development of local communities, Carbon offsetting, Environmental Conservation and sustainable harvesting of non-timber products.

EBCF ICO is launched from Switzerland. The main goal of the project is to help to conserve the Amazon rainforest using the funds raised during ICO. The AMA coin financial plan is simple — allocate funds for six purposes: the creation of sustainable conservation units, the implementation of social projects, the achievement of environmental projects, the enforcement of climate projects, the development of environmental services, and the development of sustainable and eco-friendly trading.

Despite the environmental care, AMA coin is willing to implement other products as well as helping deepen financial inclusion within the Amazonian communities. The company is working on launching payment services thanks to its Amacard – the first-ever “green” crypto card with sustainability inside. The prepaid card will be used for commercial transactions across the internet and offline stores as any other existing card. Of course, Ama Coin will be considered as its base currency. It operates in the same way as a debit/credit card. Customers will top it up by purchasing AMA Coin from exchanges and depositing their coins on their cards.

In January 2020 the Amabank will become a very sharp tool for empowering the local communities with flexible lending terms for projects with environmental agenda.
EBCF is also in talks with Cielo to launch a mobile app that will help its subscribers track their carbon footprint. Once launched, it will also allow subscribers to engage in carbon trading.

The Amabank, Amacoin and Amacard provide a complete set of products with “sustainability inside”.
Why ICO? The answer is way too simple. EBCF goal is not earning money on providing service, but serving society.

Besides that Jerome Heelein, EBCF CTO, states that EBCF is a fully-fledged multinational company with a secure fundraising system, providing transparency to monitor its activity and ensure the stability of the coin after its launch on various exchanges.

18 Oct 2019
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