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Extortioners of crypto startup has been arrested

Extortioners of crypto startup has been arrested
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Dear Benchers!

There is another sad news we would like to share! 

Wednesday, September 18 two federal court in Brooklyn charged Steven Nerayoff and Michael Hlady with extortion. Nerayoff and Hladly were arrested and face now up to 20 years in the prison. Steven and Michael threatened to destroy a startup cryptocurrency company if they were not paid millions of dollars in the cryptocurrency Ether (ETH).  

The victim startup mobile-based business which specializes in generating user traffic to clients’ products by issuing its own tokens, planned an ICO to raise capital and signed a contract with Nerayoff to help and successfully complete ICO. During the transaction, Nerayoff changed his requirements and his compensation would have to be increased otherwise he would sabotage the ICO and destroy the company. It was not the last episode of demanding. A year later Nerayoff and Hlady demanded from June Doe the 10,000 ETH loan or they would “crush” her project. And again their requirements were met. All this led to an investigation, which doesn't have a happy end for Nerayoff.

Stay Tuned!

20 Sep 2019 newsicoieo

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