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CCUniverse new category of cryptocurrency, real infrastructural programs at local areas

CCUniverse new category of cryptocurrency, real infrastructural programs at local areas

The feature of the currency is that you can buy something for it. These can be services or things. Without this feature, the currency becomes worthless. A similar problem had cryptocurrencies in the initial phase of existence. People had them but little could be done with them. Currently, few projects offer real goods in return.


CCUniverse looked at the problem from the other side. The team asked themselves what they can do for cryptocurrency? The natural answer was to increase users' access to this market. Showing that what is virtual can have real value.


The simplest solution is to allow a quick exchange of cryptocurrencies for coins and banknotes that people use on a daily basis. Such movement gives credibility to cryptocurrencies. It allows you to convert digital values. People react positively to money. They want to have easy access to them.


CCUniverse puts first on bitomats. The adoption of ATM to the banking system lasted from 1967 when the first machine appeared. Today no one can imagine life without cards and withdrawing funds from ATMs. It is something so common that we have stopped thinking about it at all.


We did research in the ATM crypto market. At the moment, there are about 5,000 such devices around the world, while conventional ATM counts in millions. With 100 million people who use cryptuels, access to its exchange can only have a fraction of a percent of users.


CCUniverse will change the rules of the game. The team will build bridges connecting the virtual world with the real world on a large scale. The project plans to build ATM crypto. This is to be one of the main pillars that will ensure the lifetime of their UVU token. Users can easily exchange it for cash. This solution will help build the value of cryptocurrencies. The scale effect will minimize the fees associated with the exchange to the minimum, thus CCUniverse will be more competitive than other companies.


Crypto ATM is just the beginning. We want to show that UVUcoin can be used in various ways. What has recently created many emotions is also environmental protection. CCUniverse can combine both thanks to charging stations for electric cars. Electromobility is a huge market that still lacks something. There is a lack of conviction that when buying an electric car someone will be able to get from point A to B. CCUniverse will enable this.


It is a well-thought-out concept that is based on the infrastructure built by the company and on the trust of users. CCUniverse provides solutions, facilitates some matters, but at the end of each user will have a real impact on the development of the project. Increasing the value of the token will allow building more devices so that more users will be able to use them and earn even more.


The project will soon start pre-sale of its tokens. In the beginning, there are large bonuses for users. It is an expression of gratitude from the company. People who buy tokens later will have a smaller bonus.

05 Jul 2019
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