How much money is Crypto and e-commerce really worth

How much money is Crypto and e-commerce really worth
09 May 2019 by
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The e-commerce world is constantly expanding, it is worth around 2.3 trillion dollars and is expected to reach around 4.88 trillion around 2021.


Crypto Market Cap

The world of crypto has a market cap of around 175 billion at the time of writing this. It has reached as high as 830 billion in January 2018 according to

The amount of users with cryptocurrency wallets is truly unknown, but estimates that around 36.7 million people own bitcoin. Let’s just say 20 million Blockchain users exists for example sake. This means only around 0.5% of the world population own digital assets.

This number is expected to grow as the population learns about the benefits of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain.

What people tend to forget is that e-commerce is very similar to normal commerce.

Everyone reading this is most likely classified a “shopper”. Which brings me back to my point, if everyone that owns crypto is a shopper (because most likely everyone is a shopper), then they would most likely shop using crypto if they support it instead of using fiat at their local appliance store, shoe store, etc.

So all of the 20 million users are targeted when it comes to crypto e-commerce. Every “bagholder” and “hodler” could buy a phone or sell a purse using cryptocurrency.

Take bitzon for example, they are building a platform where users can buy and sell anything using crypto.

The advantages of having such a platform

— no fees when buying items
— cutting out the middlemen
— real reviews on items and sellers
— Instant settlement speed (time to receive payment)
— Cheaper cost to list and sell items
To invest into a potential multi-trillion dollars industry make your way to bitzon and invest before the sale ends.

Investing during the sale could mean potential savings in future when shopping for anything from home accessories to car parts.

Bitzon’s goal is to create a platform where every cryptocurrency user will go to shop for all there items. And to do this, we need the help and support from all the community.

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