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More people named Dave lead FTSE 100 company than Women or Ethnic Minorities

More people named Dave lead FTSE 100 company than Women or Ethnic Minorities
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Did you know? There are more CEOs named Dave and Steve than there are women CEOs on the FTSE 100? The ethnic minority count is even worse! Also FTSE CEO pay has risen from 20x to 145x the average worker over a period of 50 years. With no productivity or performance data to support this trend. The UK is forecast to have the lowest pay growth in the OECD for 2018, so it's not about growth.  Productivity per worker is the second worst in the G7, behind Japan, so it's not about productivity either. 

Tells you everything you need to know. It is a tightly controlled network and not a meritocracy.

The philosophy stands in complete opposition to the openness and financial innovation that I am seeing outside of the stock markets at the moment.  Private Equity is funding disruptive tech in a big way. Venture Capital and crowdfunding methods such as Kickstarter and ICOs are on the rise and every other country in the world seems to be benefitting from this.

23 Aug 2018
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