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The Capability of Blockchain Technology in Disrupting the Cloud Storage

The Capability of Blockchain Technology in Disrupting the Cloud Storage

A distributed cloud-storage involves a P2P decentralized cloud storage solution. It safeguards your files, both in transmission and on the nodes. It uses cryptography and blockchain technology to encrypt files.

In concept, a distributed cloud storage system is proposed where all aspects of storage like storage of data, processing, and transport are entered into the blockchain.

After this, what happened to data, who access it, where it went and how it was governed can be verified by anyone who has access to the blockchain. The blockchain halts the computing platform in time. It allows cloud users to confirm that the platform is in the proper state in real time.

This type of system aids in presenting complete transparency, accountability, and traceability for the cloud. Such entities which are either administrating or using the cloud.

The Principle Behind Distributed Cloud Storage

Every user in a distributed cloud storage is linked over a P2P network. That network is secure, approximately ten times faster and 50% less costly than the conventional data-center-based cloud storage solutions. Therefore, distributed cloud storage allows users to store data in a decentralized and secure way.

That is done by utilizing blockchain features like private or public key encryption, cryptographic hash functions, and transaction ledgers.

The blockchain is transforming cloud storage by putting the user back in control of their devices and data. The decentralized aspect of blockchain denotes there are not central services to be compromised. Plus, because of the usage of client-side encryption, only the end users have total access to their encryption keys and un-encrypted files.

Advantages of Distributed Cloud Storage with Blockchain

  • Verifiability

Blockchain technology does not only store data in an encrypted and distributed form. It also presents for a successive chain in which each block includes a cryptographic hash of the block. That links the blocks and thus, builds a decentralized transaction ledger.

For instance, XinFin network maintains a public state and a private state. Private state guarantees that the sensitive information is secure yet its public state makes it verifiable and transparent at the same time. The architecture develops the XDC protocol secure, lighting fast and scalable.

  • No More Middlemen Needed

For most cloud specialists, the major challenge which blockchain technology tend to bring is disintermediation. That’s because a well-made and publicly accessible blockchain can change most of the functions which you depend on cloud intermediaries.

Such cloud intermediaries offer a trustworthy trading environment, safeguarding against handling and fraud, ensuring financial transactions and contract compliance.

  • Tamper-Proof Data

For example, storage and backup specialists have proved that stored data hasn’t been tampered with if a verifiable and effective backup was made. Distributed cloud storage based on blockchain stores on hashes of the data blocks. The distributed and encrypted hashes are sufficient to confirm such data blocks.

The power of blockchain doesn’t depend in its substantial encryption. Its distribution across a series of computers makes blockchain more difficult to attack as well. The blockchain is no doubt a self-verifying sequential storage system which can be utilized to immutably record transactions, identity or ownership, to negotiate and enforce contracts and so on.



21 Aug 2018 blockchaincloudstoragep2pdecentralized
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