From a mass ICO funding in 2018 to IEO's in 2019

From a mass ICO funding in 2018 to IEO's in 2019
04 Apr 2019 by
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Project fundraising has clearly evolved lately going from a mass ICO funding in 2018 to IEO's.

Investors are not anymore willing to invest and get their investments (tokens even if it is security) months or years later. Moreover, trusted platforms give a sense of „regulation“ as they are supposed to do Due Diligences. A lot of actors are currently taking advantage of this new kind of crowdfunding and are doing kickflips. I highly suggest to all investors to not to fall into the FOMO (Fear of not missing) and to invest only after extended due diligence. The hype of IEO is very risky and even if a lot of projects did an x4, x5 in a couple of days later this won't last long. Rules are evolving, groups are organized to increase there a chance of investing and a lot of things still remain very shady.

Concerning crypto-projects, this is now a race to get a place to the best IEO platform. And this is wrong! After all, they need to deliver a product, have legal aspects ready and a dedicated team and community. After the ICO White Paper era, don't fall once again in a rush and misunderstand what real investor needs. We need challenging minds and products that disrupt how the current industry works not IEO. We need real blockchain usage, not just a token that no on-chain meaning. If you have a great idea and a product ready you can think about fund raising.

Finally, I see a lot of projects really still concerned about exchanges. Why? Exchanges will come when the time comes when you have a product when it is adopted and used when you have a community. Don't spend your funds in bad investments focus on products, partnerships and user acquisition.

Expert opinion by Alexandre Orfevre for ICO Market Weekly Review #13, 2019


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