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Ahrvo (RVO Token): AI Powered Decentralized Equity Exchange (DEEX)?

Ahrvo (RVO Token): AI Powered Decentralized Equity Exchange (DEEX)?

The main problem in the brokerage industry today is the existence of clearinghouses and intermediaries that cost the industry billions of dollars annually while reducing the transparency and settlement speed in the industry. Ahrvo is the first AI powered stock market that seeks to solve this problem and provides equity markets with efficiency, speed, and transparency.

What Is Ahrvo?
Ahrvo aims to help beginner traders who lack institutional-quality guidance on the best stocks for specific portfolios through its investment platform accessible via a mobile application. The mobile app provides traders with the opportunity to use multi-factor ranking systems combined with the stock market historical trends and company-specific data. This enables the traders to have a better understanding of the stock markets and smart price targets in order to find the best stocks.


How Ahrvo AI Powered Decentralized Equity Exchange Works
The Ahrvo software integrates quantitative and social investing with rankings of over 8000 stocks and EFTs. The social trading platform will create an ecosystem where traders can find profitable trading opportunities or interact with other traders and share ideas, have discussions, or explore trading strategies.

Ahrvo implements a proprietary stock scoring model that utilizes data mining techniques and analytics with the aim of identifying any patterns in the historical stock market data, and in doing so, identify the stocks with the highest profit potential.

This scoring model will then come up with an AhrvoScore that is calculated from the main factors that affect a stock’s price performance such as quality, value, growth, and momentum. The AhrvoScore then rates stocks from 0 (most bearish) to 100 (most bullish) and the scores are updated weekly to ensure that traders make profitable investment decisions.

The Ahrvo platform is designed to perform real-time data mining and abstraction practices that comes up with complex statistical measures that highlight the conditions that affected a stock’s price movements in the last 200 days. The data collected is then used to form a Neutral network, which will create a Smart Price Target that should be achieved in 50 days.

Other features integrated into Ahrvo include real-time news updates, price targets and recommendations, search engine, push notifications on preferred companies, proprietary buy and sell signals, ability to trade equities and quantitative company profiles.

Ahrvo Benefits
Implementation Of Smart Contracts
Ahrvo uses smart contracts to automate all the post-trade activities thus eliminating the need for clearinghouses and intermediaries that make trading more complex and expensive. This will result in a suitable environment where trades are settled in a few minutes.

Profitable Equity Trading
Ahrvo DEEX is a peer-to-peer decentralized exchange where users of Ahrvo can carry out profitable equity trading using the multifactor ranking systems as well as deep learning algorithms that have the ability to analyze data, create smart equity scores and price targets, which will streamline the entire trading process.

The Ahrvo trading platform is compatible with android and iOS devices. Using the app, traders can trade equities directly on the platform from multiple brokers, access the timeline where they can interact with other traders, view more than 4000 dynamic company profiles, and monitor earnings, results, and expectations.

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