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The overall financing trend of the cryptocurrency eco-sphere this year

The overall financing trend of the cryptocurrency eco-sphere this year

The overall financing trend of the cryptocurrency eco-sphere has been completely different this year. Generally, ICO projects need to have a solid core team, stable promotion methods and financing strategy plan, which is easy to succeed.

1. Fundraising models: equity investment, government incentives, and land-based joint ventures are all plans that must be included in financing. Only the availability of funds to survive is the only guarantee of success.

2. Team: Stable and stable team and experienced consultants, the era of attracting partners and consultants by token has passed.

3. Valuation: tens of millions of dollars in hard cap is very unreasonable and the main cause of the collapse of the investment market. Project valuation needs to be rationalized.

4. Promotion: Large-scale exhibitions or roadshows have lost their effectiveness. New startups should choose small and private exchange activities to have the opportunity to fully communicate with each potential investor.

5. Fundraising cycle: Medium- and long-term continuous financing, product development and user community experience have become a norm. Entrepreneurship tests team execution and operational capabilities, not the ability to invest in token investments.

6. STO: If you already have a product service listed, companies that already have certain profitability can consider financing by STO. According to the current trend, most investors are far more willing to invest in compliant STO projects than to invest in ICO projects.

Expert opinion by Hung Chih (Jason Hung) for ICO Market Weekly Review #11, 2019

20 Mar 2019 ICObenchICOCrypto
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