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Industries revolutionized by blockchain

Blockchain technology has attracted attention and as a result research and development are proceeding all over the world.

As I explained in my previous article, Japan is slightly behind in terms of blockchain technology.

In New York, they are active in incorporating blockchain into their daily lives. They have embraced the features and possibilities of blockchain and are working on how to make it more concrete and more practical.

For example, blockchain technology plays an important role in the growth of industries. According to a recent study by Cambridge University, financial services account for 30% of the established blockchain use. In addition, the application to finance, media, insurance, medical care, real estate, etc. is in the most vibrant phase.

As you can see from these examples, a variety of industries will benefit and evolve with blockchain technology.

Let's look at some of the industries that the technology is revolutionizing.


Blockchain still has a strong image of crypto-currencies and finance but it can be incorporated into various industries with high transparency, unalterable systems and distributed ledger functions.

It can even be used for election where fairness and transparency are required. Using blockchain technology, most matters concerning elections, such as voter identification, voting results management and counting to determine the winners can be done more concisely while maintaining the fairness and transparency.

② Car sharing

Distributed ledger technology is suitable for BtoC and CtoC. Car sharing is one of the examples.

By using a distributed ledger, you can accurately record car information, boarding records etc. among users. This enables proper pricing, management of customer information and periodic vehicle inspections, etc.

③ Education

Proof of academic qualifications can be a pain. Proof of all academic qualifications still uses paper format in many cases therefore there are problems such as time loss and risk of personal information.

Blockchain technology can solve this problem.

Academic certification and verification procedures will be simplified and protection of personal information will be more secure.

④ Charity

Blockchain and charity work such as fund-raising and volunteering have a long history.

Volunteers and representatives are showing a positive stance toward the research and development of blockchain.

The reason why blockchain technology  is needed is that transparency must be guaranteed in charity activities.

Donors are wondering where their donations go, how they are used, how many people they are helping. Not only that, they are worried about transparency in current charity activities.

By using blockchain technology, tracking funds becomes possible and donations can be delivered more transparently.

In addition to the above, there are infinite uses for blockchain technology.

I will continue to post more articles. Please stay tuned.

18 Mar 2019 blockchainjapanelectioncarsharingeducationcharity
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