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The Tokyo Olympics and blockchai

The Tokyo Olympics and blockchai

The Tokyo Olympics will be held in 2020 in Japan.

I do not know how much it has been reported outside Japan, but until recently the ticket resale problem has attracted great attention.

In Japan, resale of event tickets for profit has become a social issue, but at the Tokyo Olympics, there was a concern that this issue might lead to a bigger problem.

The government and the Olympic Steering Committee brainstormed some ideas and finally settled on the idea of selling tickets through ID registration as a countermeasure.

It is a mechanism that only the person who did ID registration beforehand with a smartphone etc. can purchase a ticket.

How useful is this?

Strictly speaking, this ID registration does not require public identification documents.

For example, a reseller could buy a large number of smartphones, register IDs, and then buy popular tickets. What if they sold the device rather than the ticket itself? Tracking would be difficult.

I am not sure how reliable an online ID registration system would be.

They could use blockchain instead.

Using blockchain identity verification, distributed ledger systems and smart contracts, etc., it would be much cheaper to implement and would eradicate counterfeiting.

Please enter the word “ticket” in the search box for ICOs and select the entertainment category on the website of ICObench. There will be 32 projects listed. Among these, some of them have completed product development or have been available for downloading, which means they have already reached a certain technical goal.

The strange thing about the Tokyo Olympics is that all sales within the venue, including product sales, are made exclusively with Visa cards.

Certainly the VISA card is a great card, but with this restriction the user will be puzzled.

Blockchain should be able to do everything from payments for tickets, to watching games, forgery prevention, and the correct storage of records.

I am disappointed in the lack of innovation of the Olympic Steering Committee this time.

Of course I am not disappointed with all the aspects; I am excited about the latest technologies such as AI and the image recognition system that they are using.

I still wonder why there is no blockchain used in this big event.

With many projects releasing high quality systems, I believe our societies will be better. We should be prepared to be part of that change.

12 Mar 2019 OlympicsTokyo
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