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The current state of the ICO market and what direction are we heading in?

The current state of the ICO market and what direction are we heading in?

The current state of the ICO market and what direction are we heading in?

The ICO landscape has changed considerably over the last year. In 2017 and part of 2018 the ICO market was almost like a gold rush. The market frenzy made it fairly easy for even weak projects to raise a substantial amount of money.

This was great for legitimate projects to get funded but also opened the door for countless exit scams. These exit scams have tarnished the image of the crypto market and many first time investors were burnt.

In 2019 will likely see the rise of ICO 2.0, a new breed of ICO’s that have to make sure everything is in order. A solid business case, strong whitepaper, backed by an experienced team. Investors will no longer be easily duped by fly by night ICO’s.

We are also likely to see an increase in ICO launch platforms that will act as an intermediary between ICO’s and investors. Personally, I think this could be a good thing as it will help create credibility in the industry and also help to ensure that good projects can get the funding they deserve.

Apart from ICO 2.0, we are also going to see the rise of the STO model. STO’s do have their place and I’m sure many projects will benefit from this funding model. However, they are vastly different from ICO’s as they do not allow open participation, not everyone can invest in an STO as these investments are reserved for high net worth individuals that meet certain investment criteria. In my opinion, this exclusivity detracts from what blockchain technology and cryptocurrency stand for.

Expert opinion by Daryl Naidoo for ICO Market Weekly Review #9, 2019

08 Mar 2019 ICObenchCryptoICO
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