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Out of the Cradle 11 Mar 2019

Out of the Cradle

Although 2018 was not the most successful year for ICOs, there have been some good developments in the industry. 

Firstly, with the rise of Malta and Estonia, the laws have become clearer and businesses using blockchain technology have expanded globally.

Also, the industry's eyes are aimed at raising funds in line with laws and regulations, including STOs.

Moreover, as investors and users have gained some experience, many fraudulent projects have been eliminated from the industry hence the quality of the project has become more important.

I see these changes as a growth in the industry.

The technology gently rocked in the cradle has received critical reviews from societies and it is now growing into a mature youth. We are seeing the process of such growth.

Blockchain technology is often described along with the Internet, but it took about 24 years from the publication of a packet communication paper to being finally commercialized.

Since the paper on blockchain was published in 2008, it has only been about 10 years but it has already come into practical use in many industries. The use of blockchain is infinite; its use is not limited to finance.

2018 was the year when many industries started projects such as storage services, games, protection of intellectual property rights and medical care. Considering that, I believe one day everyone would say 2018 was the turning point for blockchain technology. I also believe this turning point will be the energy for the future of blockchain and we will see further technological innovation and application in 2019.

I anticipate that the Interest in blockhain will grow in 2019 and the people who have not turned their attention to this industry will take the initiative to explore ways to use and transmit the technology.

I will continue to watch over and support the industry.


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