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Is 2019 going to be the Year for ICO’s?

Is 2019 going to be the Year for ICO’s?

Is 2019 going to be the Year for ICO’s?

In my opinion, I don’t think we are going to have another ICO frenzy in 2019 as we did in late 2017 due to many factors.

1) Fear of missing out – When crypto was on the rise in late 2017 it kept going up and up and people had this fear of missing out which drove the prices of crypto even higher. With the market so down that fear of missing out doesn’t exist anymore.

2) Private ICO deals – When the market was hot there was lots of money to be made especially within the private rounds but with the market in a slump those deals barely exist anymore.

3) The market was fully unregulated – Those days are pretty much gone now. It used to be the wild wild west but now more and more are shifting towards STO’s.

What do I expect in 2019?

1) Security Tokens –  Investors want safer investments. Gone are the days of the wild wild west and here come the days of tokens abiding by the SEC’s and regulations.

2) Bounties – I believe we are going to see more of these as well as many have realized not many are investing in ICO’s so doing Airdrops and Bounties to distribute tokens while they work on their projects. Bounties are also a great way to get tasks done by using community efforts.

3) Delayed ICO’s – Projects have realized that investors are hesitant to invest in the current market. So people who actually believe in their project will either bootstrap or raise equity money to build out projects and then raise money when they have functioning projects to the investors.

Expert opinion by Arfan Chaudhry for ICO Market Weekly Review #7, 2019

19 Feb 2019 ICObenchICOCryptoBlockchain
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