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Will the Crypto Bear Markets continue and is the Crypto investor being afraid of their investments drifting to Zero in this phase?

Will the Crypto Bear Markets continue and is the Crypto investor being afraid of their investments drifting to Zero in this phase?

Will the Crypto Bear Markets continue and is the crypto investor having fear of their investments drifting to Zero in this phase?

My answer to both of these questions is NO. This is because every mature investor understands that the market runs through bear and bull phases and crypto is no indifferent. Those who invested only with the purpose of gambling have lost their faith completely and are mostly on the sidelines again. The high Risk to Reward ICO Market has got impacted in some manner and has lost its sheen in the form of loyal investors getting on backfoot for new investments. But that never means that these investors are never going to turn back. All markets are associated with emotions and sentiments too. Once the mood gets better, retail investors will start flowing back and will start outnumbering all expectations.

Definitely, after passing through this longest crypto bear phase, the returning investors will be more learned and will make more informed decisions after thorough project evaluation. Secondly, patience holds the key and the most patient ones will get rewarded the most.

Platforms such as ICObench will come handy for naive investors and can provide detailed in-depth neutral analysis across projects with their innovative features.

Additionally, with the regulations picking up and with the entry of STOs, the ICO market is set to change its existing form. And the newer structure will definitely be more refined and built to protect the interests of small investors. The crypto markets rest on the fundamental use cases of blockchain technology and the evolution is only going to get stronger after this bear phase. The bad projects have already been killed or at the verge of extinction as they no longer are in the situation to meet their running expenses.

So, the decision to invest in good projects should not merely be based on the past returns from ICO but on the fundamentals behind the project. It is only a matter of time that good projects will succeed and generate handsome returns for patient investors.

The shape that this Primary funding market will successfully adapt is still debatable and only time will reveal, whether it will be STOs alone, or it will be mix of ICO and STO that will win the hearts of next set of investors.

Experts opinion by Abishek Mittal for ICO Market Weekly Review #8, 2019

26 Feb 2019 ICOICObenchCryptoBlockchain
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