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The Blockchain will always be there because it’s a technology 12 Feb 2019

The Blockchain will always be there because it’s a technology

Bitcoin received an enormous response from the growing community of cryptocurrency universe. It was only possible with its interaction to blockchain projects in terms of ICO's and investors. 2017 was a rally time for the market bitcoin went 13x and a lot of conceptual and nonconceptual decentralized application released successfully. Even non conceptual projects were funded and flourished by the investors and they just released on the exchanges and slowly vanished in Dark Age. Large amount ICO's found to be A SCAM that made a huge impact on investors and now the awareness increased.

The current market in 2019 is coming up with a new trend that is STO offering against the ICO's because regulation authorities showing some interest here. Only well established, strong team and unique problem solving projects with MVP will be able to interact the investors.

It will be interesting to see how VanEck, SolidX and the Cboe ETF application will be responded by the SEC. As per previous attempts, i think this new application going to be denied for sure. If in case if any the ETF Application will be accepted by SEC it will create a huge impact on cryptocurrency future.

As of now considering the current scenario for me 2019 will be a life and death situation for the cryptocurrency market where if it survived the chain, the market will see new heights and if not, we'll just end up with scalping a trade and at the end there won't be anything left to scalp.

But the truth is that The Blockchain will always be there because it’s a technology.

Expert opinion by Yogesh Trivedi for ICO Market Weekly Review #6, 2019


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