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Token based ways to leverage the potential of crowdfunding

Token based ways to leverage the potential of crowdfunding

Where are we at, now February 2019

It's an interesting time for token based ways to leverage the potential of crowdfunding. Whether you call it ICO, STO, or wherever we might be going next in this blockchain based crypto roller coaster, there are some key common aspects if this process is going to work for your company. You need to have a real, actual product. The days of a sketched out product and a vague or even detailed white paper being enough to raise your desired soft/hard cap are long gone. This is actually a good thing. Easy, quick raises for poorly conceived, unrealistic projects are long gone, and with this, also 'shitcoins' which damaged the wider credibility of the token-based economics which blockchain potentially offers us.

Quietly, in the background, away from the noise of telegram communities shouting 'when moon?' etc, corporate investors are carefully conducting due diligence assessments to see which blockchain based tech might actually win the day. The key criteria they are assessing are, what is the product? Does it work? Does it have utility, a reason to tokenise, and community willing, or rather hungry to use it? If a project ticks these criteria then it will still achieve it's funding targets.

This is a less sexy, less dramatic period for the world of crypto, but a completely necessary and important one. Much like the bloodbath after the first wave of internet 1.0 companies twenty years ago, we are now into a valley of clearer reality and more measured expectations about what is, and is not possible, and by when. The tech is still going to be transformative, but, as always, we humans always overestimate quite how soon it will come. The good news is that blockchain based solutions are far more than a concept, the challenge is to identify which company / project / token has all the other elements also right and in place. Identify this correctly and five years from now you will be the crypto guru that so many others are trying to claim they are right now.

Expert opinion by Simon Cocking for ICO Market Weekly Review #6, 2019

12 Feb 2019 ICObenchICOCrypto
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