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My Experience with FLASHMONI’s ICO

My  Experience with FLASHMONI’s ICO

Dear Entrepreneur,

There are many persons like you out there willing to start a process towards an ICO, and some have already begun taking steps on that path, but I would like to share my experience from a CEO’s perspective and particularly while you are picking your advisors and consultant team.

When you decide to move ahead, you have a very clear idea about your company and where you are willing to go.

Then you write your whitepaper’s first draft version, trying to make it the most comprehensive and understandable for everyone who reads it. At this point in time, you are convinced that your project will attract people, and it will indeed… Good people willing to enhance your project and bad guys just willing to rip you of.

While you are gathering your team, lots of people will come forth to let you know that they are amazed by the project as it reflects never seen ideas, etc. Well, some of these – who have not even read the whitepaper – are just on your tail to sign a contract and get paid without moving a finger… I came across such opportunistic parasites and, trust me, you will too.

Then there are those so-called ICO experts who say they know Very Important People to support your project – but who are complete strangers to VIP’s that you come to meet through someone else – and start talking online about your project, only to reflect by their words that they didn’t understand what you’re trying to achieve. 

The moment you notify them that you will save everyone’s time by stopping the collaboration, that’s when the storm starts.

Overnight, the same people who were amazed by your ideas are now intimidating you with a lawsuit and calling the project a scam, and threatening to “red flag” your ICO, and… so many other tiresome stories. The fact is that these people don’t really add any value towards the project but ask (and often get paid) some money before even proving themselves.

Your first reaction is to not pay attention because you are busy and indeed don’t really have time for such baloney. But when you have a second thought about it, you simply hire a law firm to sue every greedy “expert” trying to seed a bad reputation around your project, just because they think the contract gives them the right.

Don’t let Fake Experts disturb your project. They will try to get money from you at any cost for services that they will not render, or badly at the most. Let them do whatever they say or want. Remember that you have a community who believes in your project. Use this power to slam those provoking you.

Never rely on anyone without proper due diligence to always choose the best solution for the company. Real experts will cost money but at least they will be worth it and you will see results in USD.

After 6 months of intensive work on FLASHMONI’s ICO, I’m happy to say that we have found great advisors and dedicated team members to enhance and fulfil what we have imagined. 

I’m sure that many other valuable people will come to support our project! We just participated in Dubai’s International Blockchain Summit and found over there new alliances, real experts and new community members ready to follow us…

Follow the Flashmoni’s community and support us through our social networks.


Fake greedy expert’s profile:

— they often try to approach you first

— they try to legitimize their expertise level (if you’re an expert, why try to show it?)

— they will NOT show up on the first 3 or 4 pages of the Google search engine…

— they will try to aggregate their friends in order to ask for more money

— they will talk about your ICO without understanding the essence of the project

— they will not invest a single penny in your project

— they will pretend to be working but in reality no support will ever come from their network

— they will try to threaten you with publishing some story to red flag your ICO

— they will intimidate you with a trip to the court when they realize that they are not cashing in the “easy” money…

— they will not want you to be at the event they are supposed to be hosting on your behalf...

10 Aug 2018 cryptocurrencyblockchainexperticofinanceethereumbitcoineosadvisor
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