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Significant changes in the ICO market

Significant changes in the ICO market

I believe that the ICO Market situation is going through a huge change. We are on the verge of watching the end of the ICO as we know it and moving toward the Securitized Token Offerings or STOs. The STOs will dominate the Market Place and eventually do away with the ICOs in a sense. We are currently experiencing a cleaning up of the Market.

Before this basically anyone could run an ICO. They would not need to register their Tokens, they could sell to anyone and basically either choose to honor their contributors or in a lot of cases basically just disappear. This has caused a near 95% failure rate in the overall ICO Market. That is completely unacceptable and gives a horrible name to the CryptoBlockchain Industry as a whole.

ICObench is the Gold Standard when it comes to rating ICO's or Tokenized Offerings. The reason why is because of its Expert Rating System. ICObench has many checks and Balance Systems in Place in order to catch any Pay-Per-Play Schemes as far as falsifying its Rating System. We saw this first hand when it came to a very prominent ICObench Expert last Summer when he was stripped of his Points and taken off the ICObench Expert list.

Many of us ICObench Experts have formed an illusive Team based on our Morals and Character and our love for Crypto and our honor and Respect for ICObench and to be an ICObench Expert. We will not hesitate to report any colleague of ours that we have first hand knowledge of violating the ICObench Rating Policy or any Policy relative to nefarious activity on this great Platform.

Same goes with any CEO or Project Representative that approaches us with any cash offers to falsify anything in order to make a Blockchain Project appear more than it is. I also call out all Colleagues to do the same. Call us the Crypto Illuminati or the Blockchain Mafia if you want. To me those terms mean something far greater than cash. They mean greatness, honor, team work, character, high moral authority and the ability as a group of unnamed individuals to step in and work together to clean up this great Industry that has given us life beyond anything that we could ever imagine.

It's also about giving back to the Industry and securing its future for ourselves and those to come as we enter into this soon to be $8 Trillion Annual Economy by 2027 according to the 2014 ICANN Report. I say this with a lot of experience and knowledge dating back nearly 8 years when I began Mining Bitcoin and Researching Blockchain Technology and Development at all levels, as an IIB Council Certified Blockchain Professional, EC-Council University Cyber Talks Lecturer, ICObench Expert TOP 50 Experts in the World, 5+ POD (Proof of Developer) Rated by CryptoAsian 2014 and a Bitcoin Evangelist for life.

When I began all this in 2011 Bitcoin was $3. The Industry is going through a major overhaul and cleanup of the issues and Individuals that plague it. It is also becoming legitimatized and we welcome that most of all. Let's revisit this next December 2019 when the industry has been cleaned and purged of its bad actors through both self-policing and traditional enforcement.

By December of 2019 we most likely will have grown as an Industry by 300 Million more people all embracing Blockchain. Bitcoin should reach $100k USD per Bitcoin by then and we will have a possible Ethereum Killer App released. There will be new Quantum Blockchain Technologies with superior security measures built into their Blockchainchain and friendly UIs. Most importantly ICObench will still be the Gold Standard when it comes to Blockchain and Crypto Projects Ratings.

Expert opinion by Sean Brizendine for ICO Market Weekly Review #1-2, 2019.

17 Jan 2019 ICObenchICOBlockchain
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