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An opportunity to open the door to the new world with ICOs

An opportunity to open the door to the new world with ICOs

In a few days 2018 will be over. Looking back at this year, the crypto market turned out to be experiencing a big decline since 2017's enthusiasm. This decline wraps the industry as a whole and affects people's mindsets. Of course ICO is no exception. In recent years ICO has been selected as a means of raising funds with the momentum turning into cloud funding. I think that the idea itself is not bad, but I get a certain feeling while evaluating the recent ICOs. It is «not interesting».

It does not even seem to matter whether people are interested or not. I feel that «a new idea that will change the world» is missing. Of course there are new elements in part. However, recent ICOs have a safe white paper to present a safe idea. It is not bold nor innovative. Even a person looking at it from a non-expert point of view will get similar feelings. Who will invest in such projects? No one will.

We need to create ideas and investment benefits which will make people think «I want this project to be realized! I want to invest in it!». I think that many ICO projects will fail because they do not understand the essence of this point. «Why did Bitcoin and Ethereum rise in price?» — you should ask yourself that question and apply the answer to the token that is currently born. I expressed a bit of a stern opinion so far, but of course I do not think that all projects are like that. There are many excellent ideas out there as well, but they are only a handful.

I consider the situation from the perspective of not only an expert, but a customer as well. And I believe that there are many customers who have the same idea as me. I think that my current position obliges me to speak the minds of such people.
· What more people can sympathize with
· More people can enjoy
· More people can get to live in an advanced and convenient way
In my opinion, thinking of these points is the essential duty of a project to raise funds.

In 2019, the industry must start working together, including our experts, ICO projects' members and many other stakeholders involved in crypto, so that ICO can regain sound and enthusiasm, same goes for the virtual currency market. I sincerely hope that there will be many ICOs which will provide an opportunity to open the door to the new world.

Expert opinion by Yuichiro Okazoe for ICO Market Weekly Review #38.

27 Dec 2018 ICObenchCryptoBlockchain
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