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The role of marketing agencies in ICO market

The role of marketing agencies in ICO market

Projects owners have ideas but cannot reach their investors. Here a new market arises from these projects. Mark Twain once said: During the gold rush it is a good time to be in the pick and shovel business, and it is a perfect explanation in the industry of ICOs.

The core of this market is marketing services. ICOs are suffering from an extreme competition with the limited amount of money on investors accounts. Marketing agencies help to prevent lagging behind the competitors and raise significant funds.

Also, ICOs may attract companies to conduct all the ICO campaign or its specific streams. Other exciting services include smart-contract-development, legal support, tech support, whitepaper drafting (and other materials), community management, branding, advisory board assembling, events/conferences/roadshows.

Analytics and rating agencies as ICObench is apparently among them which helped many projects with special services. As investors could notice, scores do not differ much and marks are likely to be high even for bad projects. Here are a few reasons:
— Lack of VC and valuation expertise among rating agencies
— Following and copying othersТ methodologies and marks
— Overall overvaluation of the ICO market
— Bad ratings are not profitable on the highly competitive market of rating agencies.

We are witnessing a strong trend toward genuine projects in the market and more investments raised for those projects. It seems to be reasonable as these projects are much more proficient in their technologies and are hard to harness the hype around blockchain and crypto assets.

Chaotic and full of fraud ICO market is turning to something more professional with the more active government regulation and big players around. As our experience mostly covers VC, we hope that deal structures in blockchain projects will turn VC-like with no scam possible. The good news is that it is already happening and the trend is apparent.

Expert opinion by Ravi kash for ICO Market Weekly Review #37.

27 Dec 2018 ICObenchBlockchainICO
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