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Don't Listen to Crypto Hindsight Prophets

The Prophets are all saying «see, I knew it, extinction level event for ICO's and crypto». It's the same people who always tell you «the end is coming, the end is coming». To that I say, good get out of the market, kick rocks. We are not going anywhere. The token market is evolving. No market in the history of mankind as long as we have been tracking it (to include even sports teams and NASA rockets) has ever went straight up. Life is full of ups and downs.

Ups, are a sign of us going full blast in a unified direction. Downs, are a sign as a collective that are taking pause and rethinking the course of a strategy. The fact that market goes up and down, is a pulse of our collective belief that this is a living breathing real thing.

The down times filter out those who weren't serious or were not as fiscally smart with their funds. I prefer down times to launch an organization actually. Historically speaking, organizations that start during bear markets/recessions/depressions tend to be, structurally built to endure much longer economic cycles (due to lean financials and being strategically more creative) than organizations that start during the best of times. 

Keep your head up and love the grind.


16 Aug 2018 cryptomarketsicoethbtc
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