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Blockchain Technology Disruptive Technology for Voting in Political Elections 05 Dec 2018

Blockchain Technology Disruptive Technology for Voting in Political Elections

Blockchain technology is becoming a point of attraction for those who are looking forward to political elections.

This technology can secure the voting system.  The uncertainty in the election and voting process can be sorted using this technology. 

We can ensure that the votes that are being cast at the ballot are being cast by the people who claim they are during the vote.  It is not very hard to use this technology. Anyone who can operate a cellphone will be able to understand the concept of blockchain technology and voting.

Our society is connected through mobile technology.  The concept of using this technology for voting is already in practice. This contributes to the voting procedures and accountability of the mechanisms being currently used.

There is a lot of alarm about electoral fraud across the globe.  The blockchain is particularly promising in this field. Every vote that is recorded becomes immutable after the vote has been cast.  The currently used electronic voting systems are penetrable.

Regardless of the proven benefit, there are government officials who are hesitant to support the blockchain technology.  The technological complexity and the decentralized nature of the technology are focused on avoiding the risk of intrusion in voting integrity.

XinFin with its XDC Protocol and Hybrid Blockchain technology can help you develop the platforms for voting systems.  When votes are cast in the blockchain, the tallies of the votes are kept track of, and they are accurate.

The blockchain audit trial will ensure that none of the votes have been changed or removed.  Illegitimate votes will be easily identifiable.  Even based on an assumption where a hacker cracks down the code and manipulates, that can be tracked as well.

And to go ahead in proving the integrity of the database, it can even be made a public database.  And anyone will be able to store a redundant copy of the database.  The copy of the database can thus be maintained intact.

Votes are tracked as transactions.  By keeping track of the tallies on the blockchain, everyone will be able to agree on the votes, and it can be ensured that they are legitimate.  The security factor is assured by the fundamental functionality of the blockchain.

If mobile voting is integrated with the blockchain technology, it can go to the next level of improvement on the numbers of turnouts in the election process. This technology is worth to be tried more than just an experiment whether in a democracy or a republic, whether at a local government level or national level.

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