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The next up and coming trend of Security token 03 Dec 2018

The next up and coming trend of Security token

The ICO market is currently slow right now because of the bearish market. Many institutional funds and retail investors have lost more than 80% of their cryptocurrency assets since the start of the year. However, i think that blockchain is here to stay and also security token is the next up and coming trend. Advisory companies like and many others are looking into security tokens as well. The STO (security tokens offering) market is currently very grey right now because there is not much regulations thats developed around it yet.

Being based in Singapore, a country with one of the highest numbers of ICOs coming out monthly, its pretty exciting to be able to interact and talk to many other stakeholders in this space. Currently most people are bearish on the ICO market but are bullish for blockchain, cryptocurrency and STO in the long run. I have the same thoughts as well and is waiting to see this space mature and develop.

Expert opinion by Ong Jun Hao for ICO Market Weekly Review #35.


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