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Expert Opinion by Eleftherios Jerry Floros for ICO Market Weekly Review #33 21 Nov 2018

Expert Opinion by Eleftherios Jerry Floros for ICO Market Weekly Review #33

STO Security Token Offerings are on the Rise

At the Malta Blockchain Summit 2018, the talk of the town was STO and the gradual transition from ICO to STO.

ICOs were represented throughout the event on every stage, in pitch competitions as well as in the exhibition stands strategically located on several floors throughout the Intercontinental Hotel in St. JulianТs, the posh shopping, entertainment and nightlife district of Malta.

Even that there was a positive vibe throughout the event, the ICO scene was a bit subdued because fundraising for ICOs has been become much more challenging than the heyday of ICOs in 2017.

The reason for this are numerous, however the 2 most common reasons that transpired at the event where credibility and substance.

As popular as ICO fundraising may have been throughout 2017 and for most part of 2018, the amount of failed ICOs is staggering and many of the tokens issued have fallen significantly in value since their issuance.

There are many factors that converged to create this difficult circumstance in ICO fundraising but most will agree that it is time for drastic changes.

Enter the STO Security Token Offering that is taking over the ICO industry by storm. And it is not coincidence but rather good investment sense, as there have been just too many ICOs that did not deliver on their promise of a functional utility token. Investors are now looking for promising projects, backed by solid teams to participate in the equity as well as revenues of the project instead of just participating in the closed-loop token eco-systems or expecting to capitalise on the secondary markets, hoping the value might shoot up.

Security tokens are the future and as institutional and VC participation increases, the STO market will grow exponentially.

By Eleftherios Jerry Floros for ICO Market Weekly Review #33


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