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Cryptocurrency market (trends)

What happens to the cryptocurrency market in 2018?

More than 7 months in 2018 and a trend for the first half of the year — the bearish market. Various crypto influencers said every month that the bull trend just about will begin and all of us will see how the bitcoin and a viola of a coin will fly to the moon in a trace for bitcoin. But nothing similar happened and in August, 2018 the bear trend will proceed. We saw fall of Ethereum from a maximum of 1 338 usd in January, 2018 more, than by 3 times up to 400 usd (on August 05, 2018). Fall bitcoin with 19 200 (the end of December, 2017), almost by 3 times. Total capitalization of the market fell to 250 billion dollars if to it to add that many exchanges do artificial amounts, then the actual capitalization, about 200-220 billion dollars. Here several options of further succession of events.

1. Big players and the serious companies repeatedly declared interest in the cryptomarket. Perhaps, they prepare comfortable conditions of an entrance to the market as it was overheated at the beginning of 2018.

2. The community was disappointed in thousands of new low-skilled ICO projects and there is a process of clarification and regulation of ICO of the market. Most of all know that projects practically dont receive investments with crowd sale, and those who have contacts among investors collect software a cap among the familiar investors.

Thereby, the market of ICO is transformed to the better market with really standing projects. Anyway the market of cryptocurrencies will exist, now there is a process of transformation and grinding in to the state regulyation. I personally dont wait at the end of 2018 for bitcoin on 100k usd. Market will going down near 1 month and we can see BTC under 4500 usd and ETH under 250 usd. Also I believe that the future will remain for Ethereum if they continue to develop and to dont stand still.

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