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Expert opinion by Quentin Herbrecht for ICO Market Weekly Review #31

Expert opinion by Quentin Herbrecht for ICO Market Weekly Review #31

This month of October is a black month in terms of ICO investment and is the worst of the year. Within this bear market, we are witnessing a strong correlation between the cryptocurrency market and the funds raised by ICOs. Although the number of new ICOs created is still high, it is no longer enough to just have an idea, to offer a significant bonus and a marketing touch to raise millions as in 2017. Today even the most ambitious ICOs are struggling to reach their hard cap, even sometimes their soft cap.

This is partly due to the holding of funds by VC, especially from those who have already invested in the market and have observed a particularly low ROI. Many are waiting for a real upward trend before reinvesting in the market and taking an interest again, or prefer to have a look in a new trend, STOs. On the contrary, some of them see it as an investment opportunity in order to anticipate the incoming bull market predicted by many. Especially from VC or traditional companies that have never invested in the market before, which is a pretty good sign. In my opinion, this collapse of ICOs is beneficial for the market where a natural selection, sometimes brutal, applies. It is in this context that companies focus on their work and try to offer something really qualitative and innovative to stand out from the crowd. This is why we are actually witnessing the emergence of really relevant projects and much less ICOs without any concept, without MVPs and without any reason to use Blockchain, except to take advantage of the hype.

However, despite a quality product, it is necessary to adapt your marketing strategy to reach investors and the general public, who have become much more cautious. Although investments are falling significantly, this allows the market to be cleansed, which will be extremely beneficial for long-term investments.

By Quentin Herbrecht for ICO Market Weekly Review #31

09 Nov 2018 ICOICOBenchBlockchain
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