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Blueshare STO: World’s First Traditional Equity Share Put On The Blockchain
by Blueshare

Blueshare STO: World’s First Traditional Equity Share Put On The Blockchain

Blueshare introduces the world’s first project which managed to put traditional equity capital participation share of a leading construction and mining company on Ethereum’s blockchain. The security token offering (STO) is already up and going through its first phase called “Gold Season.” During this short 50-day period, investors will receive an additional 3 percent of their purchased tokens.

Blueshare is a project, holding firm to its mission and vision that tokenization of traditional equity shares brings forward an array of different benefits. These include, but are not limited to the elimination of unnecessary intermediaries, various investment opportunities, early access to capital, and so forth. A clear signal for that is that recognized authorities and institutions such as Switzerland’s Stock Exchange and Singapore’s Monetary Authority, among others, are also jumping on the bandwagon.

The project also intends to solve a range of existing problems within the mining industry. Among the most pressing ones is the high cost of capital. The reasons for this are numerous, including its generally larger scale, the fact that most of the companies in the field are owned by institutional investors, as well as the multitude of middlemen. At the same time, startups in the field tend to be funded through private equity placements which further increase the cost of funding, while, at the same time, limiting the opportunities for diversification.

Moreover, companies which are in the earlier stages of their life cycle and don’t have the needed access to public capital markets see limited liquidity of their very own shares. There is also a serious limitation of the overall disposability of financial instruments which limits a large number of market participants. The direct and peer-to-peer (P2P) transfer of securities is practically impossible.

Here’s where Blueshare steps into the picture. Perhaps the best way to describe the path Blueshare undertakes to solve all of the above and many other issues riddling the space is through the thoughtful acronym ALQEMY. It stands for the following:

  • (A)ccess to capital and investment opportunities
  • (L)iquidity through a distributed blockchain trading process with no central counterparts
  • (Q)uality through regulation process coded in the smart contract
  • (E)fficiency with no legacy exchange listing costs and no intermediaries
  • (M)obility similar to what online banking did to banking
  • (Y)ield of maximum return and value as the value itself is captured very early on

Blueshare is introduced by a Swiss-based company called Interprom Mining AG. It has acquired 90% stake in Interprom OOD, which is one of the leading construction and mining businesses in the European country of Bulgaria.

Blueshares (BST) represent tokenized equity capital participation shares of Interprom Mining AG. In other words, they represent shares of an actual, fully-operational and multi-billion dollar company. This also means that the value of BST is derived from the performance and state of the company, remaining uninfluenced by current conditions of the cryptocurrency market. Moreover, investors will receive dividends just as if they would if they owned traditional equity capital participation shares. In this capacity, they can also serve as a viable hedging opportunity in times of severe downfalls such as that experienced throughout the entire 2018.

The Blueshare STO is already live. As mentioned above, investors now have the chance to receive a 3 percent bonus on their purchased tokens for a limited duration.

You can find out more about Blueshare on:

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