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Migranet is the world's first immigration platform on blockchain
by Migranet

Migranet is the world's first immigration platform on blockchain

Would you believe an ITO if it claimed to be the first one addressing an important issue in a specific space?  How about if that space had a market potential of over 94 billion dollars?

What if they claimed to already have a working prototype?

Add to that a specialized team of reputable professionals motivated to revolutionize an entire industry which has no immediate competitor in sight?

We are proud to introduce Migranet — The world’s first immigration platform combining artificial intelligence, Migranet (MIG) utility token, smart contracts, biometrics, and blockchain technology — first of its kind, first to industry, and soon first to market.

“We are a company that celebrates and appreciates the importance of international migration, believing it is a right for all, not a privilege to some.” —

Murtaza Khan, Founder

The Problem

The international migration system is suffering from high costs, fraud, corruption, global payment issues (including in relation to migrants’ remittances), human smuggling and trafficking, threats to national security, and a lack of accessibility and transparency that promotes distrust in potential migrants.  Despite dealing with these issues the current system still managed to witness an estimated 247.7 million migrants in 2017, creating a market size of approximately 94 billion dollars when considering the 11 most favoured countries for migrants.  These migrants sent an estimated $466 billion in remittances to families in developing countries, showing that migrants not only stimulate the economies they reside in, but also help to spread those resources to the regions that need it most.  These numbers will improve vastly under a system that is more in alignment with today’s available technologies and advances.

The Migranet Solution

A modern immigration platform implementing A.I. to assist migrants with the application process, providing unparalleled automation that reduces the cost of current services by up to 90% while still providing access to accredited immigration practitioners.  MIG utility tokens will introduce a fraud and corruption free, fast, convenient, and affordable means to transact securely. Our use of blockchain technology provides the incorporation of smart contracts which satisfy greater needs for efficiency, migrant protection, and transparency, thus creating a higher trust factor among users.  Creating such transparency on remittance costs alone could increase the money sent to the above mentioned low and middle income countries by $15 Billion — $20 Billion. Migranet is proud to be the first of its kind in the immigration space, and soon first to market, in turn creating a new precedent of accountability and functionality.


Migranet completed the successful testing of its first working machine learning prototype on February 5th, 2019 and tested with over 1300 use cases running at an accuracy rate of 90%.  The prototype currently does basic assessment for the skilled labor immigration class, instantly assessing applicants and informing them within seconds if their application might be successful or not.  The final version will not only provide approvals and denials but will also suggest alternative destinations where the applicants might be approved while ensuring each country's individual immigration requirements are constantly kept up to date.  This initial assessment will be provided free of charge on the platform prior to migrants deciding to enter into a service contract.


For tokenomics, and to get involved in the ITO please visit

Link to Migranet prototype

To learn more about our team please view here —

Check out our youtube video at


For further information please contact us at [email protected]

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