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Wizard.Ai Turns Feedback Into Insights.

Four years ago, we started Wyzerr to build surveys that look and feel like games. Our smartforms: - Can capture 25 questions in under 60 seconds. - Have an average 83% completion rate.

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About Wyzerr

Managers in retail shops, restaurants, hospitality, and other service-based industries are one of the most important roles in the organization. While C-level executives tend to work from a corporate office far removed from their customers, managers interact daily with customers on the front-line.

Businesses depend greatly on managers to uphold profit margins, execute on complex sales, marketing, and operational strategies, in addition to managing teams and schedules. This is where the problem lies. Managers and C-level executives are disconnected over what operational plan work and do not work at any given moment. Customer preferences, behaviors, and trends change so rapidly that often a plan that was effective three (3) months ago no longer applies to the business now. However, managers aren’t empowered with the insights to convey operational issues to upper management, and upper management have no real insight into the daily customer experience so they are slow to make critical changes or improvements. As a result, businesses aren’t innovating rapidly enough, they are quickly losing out to competition, churn is high, customer loyalty is low, growth is stagnant, and sales is on a downward spiral for some. Think Blockbuster. Think Barnes and Noble. Think Macy’s. Think most companies that are not data and insights driven.

Wyzerr empowers managers, or any other worker, to make key operational business decisions by using artificial intelligence to turn customer, employee, and consumer feedback data into real-time tasks and insights. There are more customers and employees in any business than there are C-level executives in a company. Wyzerr extracts knowledge from these customers and employees, and uses it to generate key

insights and tasks that can directly improve overall customer experience, reduce churn, increase customer loyalty, and support research/development of new products and services. We don’t believe a small group of disconnected C-level executives making all of the decisions for a company is efficient and wise in the ever-changing fast-paced business climate of today. Instead, a large group of customers and employees can essentially do most of the hard-thinking for a company. The C-level executives are then tasked to take that insight and uses it to determine the best way to execute and plan. We’re not replacing human C-level executives or managers----we’re helping them become more efficient and productive at their roles. We’re also allowing more typically “low-skill” workers to think like data scientists and data analysts. We call this technology has the ability to generate daily, weekly, and monthly tasks for a company completely based on customer and employee feedback. creates a highly skilled work-force that can think, process, and execute on business plans and objectives that are normally left to C-level decision-makers. This reduces all-around business costs and expenses, while increasing efficiency and productivity of operations.

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