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Your Worldwide Cryptocurrency Investment Manager

The WiseWolf Crypto Fund provides an easy way to enter the cryptocurrency market. By participating in the WiseWolf token offering, you become a cryptocurrency investor avoiding the challenges of setting up an investor account. WiseWolf will manage your funds on your behalf, investing and reinvesting them in the most liquid assets. The investment decisions are made by a specially designed AI platform analyzing different segments of the cryptocurrency market.

2 1 expert rating
Benchy 3.2
Review: coming soon PRO
PreICO Price
1 WOLF = 0.07 USD
1 WOLF = 0.1 USD
Minimum investment
10 USD
Soft cap
500,000 USD
Hard cap
100,000,000 USD
Restricted areas
Singapore, China, USA
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About WiseWolf

The Wisewolf AI platform and our Revenue share business model ensures that all investors, regardless of their experience in the Cryptocurrency marketplace, will make a consistent profit.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has proved its superior performance in many business sectors, and it was only natural to apply its power in the investment industry, too. All investment strategies are about searching, analyzing and processing the available data and making investment decisions based on the result of such analysis. With hundreds of investment tools and platforms, both crypto and fiat, currently open to anyone, the human brain is unable to process the avalanche of information coming from all sides.

To make a truly informed and valid investment decision, one has to analyze an enormous amount of data that can be excessive even for a group of professional investment experts. This is where AI can show truly amazing results. WiseWolf AI-based investment platform can simultaneously gather and process great volumes of various statistical, analytical and forecast data generating the most optimal investment recommendations.

In addition to its unparalleled analytical capacities working 24/7/365, the AI platform is immune to the human factor influences, such as pursuing personal gain or greed, fear of loss, incorrect conclusions, attention wandering or fatigue. The investment decisions suggested by the AI platform tend to be the most optimal and justified in the current circumstances.

The AI platform has been specifically designed to study the investment offerings, scoring each one individually. It then draws up a shortlist and makes the final decision on which Cryptocurrency we invest in. It employs a diversified strategy across new token offerings, existing altcoins, liquid cryptocurrencies and fiat. Although this strategy means an allocation across four separate segments in the market, it is explicitly geared towards achieving exponential growth and income.

Another benefit for WiseWolf investors is the possibility of independent cryptocurrency trading based on the results of AI-driven analysis. The platform informs all investors of a potentially profitable trade, thus allowing them to make the most of the market situation.

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