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Mining to the Masses

The WinMiner platform (the alpha version of which currently has over 190,000 users) helps users monetise their unused computing power by mining the most profitable coin at any given moment with just 1-click. Earnings withdrawals are available from a wide list of easy payout methods (from Amazon gift cards to crypto). A Hash Power marketplace, followed by a “beyond mining” computer resource marketplace, will complement the WinMiner offering, driving the highest income for its users. The end goal is safeguarding the decentralization of cryptocurrency mining, while also bridging the “crypto gap” that is currently stopping the general public from adopting cryptocurrency. The WinMiner Token will grant its users significantly reduced WinMiner fees (up to 50%), serve as an additional payout currency (leveraging the exchange capabilities of the AION network, on which it will be based) and will be the currency of the WinMiner marketplaces. To keep track of WinMiner’s progress on these goals, see our Bitcointalk thread:

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2018-10-09 - 2018-12-31
The WinMiner Token
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About WinMiner

The blockchain and crypto currencies revolution holds the potential to make a huge impact on the future of businesses and humans alike. It arouses major public interest and offers economic opportunities that never existed before, yet is still suffering from three fundamental drawbacks:

Exciting technology, high price volatility and amazing stories have captured the imagination of billions around the world and yet only a tiny fraction of the population has made the leap and entered the realm of crypto. For most people it’s too techy, too scary and no effective onboarding tools are available that could mitigate that.

Decentralized networks relieve the need and eliminate the risk of having a centralized point of management/failure for the networks. All Proof of Work blockchain networks rely on miners to give the network its functionality, strength and stability. Yet most networks rely heavily on centralized “islands” of heavy miners and huge mining farms which by their centralized nature pose a considerable risk to the safety and stability of the networks themselves. If every computer owner could easily become an effective miner who controls which coin to mine that would take decentralization of the networks, their safety and stability, an order of magnitude higher.

Buying and holding coins, in anticipation of future price appreciation becomes a popular approach among those who already made the leap into crypto, creating an ongoing demand for coins, as more holders join, though it does very little to strengthen and secure the blockchain networks themselves. An effective, easy to use, platform for anyone to become a miner could make the difference for wide audiences around the world as well as for the networks.

We believe it is a true game changer. Easily giving any computer around the world the opportunity to be involved with mining, onboarding its owner into the crypto space, truly decentralizing the foundation of networks and strengthening their stability and safety.

We call this new platform WinMiner and although it is still in a test mode (Alpha version) it already has over 180,000 registered users. With your help, WinMiner will become a world-class crypto onboarding platform, powering the future for hundreds of millions around the world and for blockchain networks.

Coins mining is the fundamental most important work required to facilitate the operation of a coin and the blockchain network powering it. Without miners there is no blockchain just like there is no hive without the working bees

The WinMiner solution: WinMiner is built to handle this ongoing decision process and strategy execution seamlessly and leverage crowd wisdom from other miners in the process. Where possible, it further automates the collection of mined coins into Bitcoins and then into fiat money.

Using WinMiner allows anyone, with just one click, to benefit from its optimized pro-miner solution overcoming the optimization barrier, which separates the pros from wide audiences.

The WinMiner solution: WinMiner’s vision to reach this goal consists of three steps: 1. Aggregate wide audiences on the WinMiner super easy to use and accessible platform. 2. Adding hash power marketplace to the WinMiner platform allowing WinMiner users to choose between using the WinMiner’s solution or selling their hash power to a third party and at the same time offers third party or other WinMiner users to buy or boost their computing power. The formation of hash power, commoditized units, per different coin algorithm, will be required to facilitate trade. Introducing more players and more economic options into the WinMiner ecosystem would boost activity and benefit all participants in the ecosystem. 3. Leverage the wide adoption of the platform and marketplace to add an additional technology layer that will allow diversification and introduction of “beyond mining related” earning opportunities and commoditized units e.g. artificial intelligence, or even other computing resources such as storage. WinMiner will aim to collaborate with other solutions and platforms to cover as broad market share as it can on both the demand and supply sides.

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