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Ratings W Green Pay

Blockchain from W-Foundation's HOOXI Campaign

W Green Pay (WGP), globally first blockchain rewarding individual’s Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction efforts. WGP is the reward method for HOOXI app of W-Foundation (nonprofit international organization)'s HOOXI, Korea's government-backed GHG reduction campaign. HOOXI app will sustain its business by trading its carbon emission units based on the aggregated GHG reduction data in Korea's KETS (Korea's Emissions Trading Scheme) market. Systemically embedded demand for WGP supports its market liquidity and value.

5 4 expert ratings
Benchy 4.3
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Price in ICO
2.0000 USD
ICO start
1st Oct 2018
ICO end
2nd Oct 2018
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Igor Karavaev
ico and sto advisor
Rated on Sep 15, 2018

A lot of good and savvy advisers here but just a few team members? Why blockchain is necessary here? The whitepater is more like a presentation than an investment memo (with tokenomics, financial model and competitive analysis available). Why Stellar blockchain is chosen.Most of the important info is missing.

W Green PayICO team member replied on 1 Oct 2018
Thank you for rating us and for the constructive feedback.
We have switched to Ethereum network:

Blockchain technology is the missing piece that carbon credits system needs. Being public information and data which cannot be manipulated on the blockchain, it ensures transparency of these carbon credits being generated. The decentralisation of carbon credit ownership also provides true ownership of the currency that any companies and individuals are able to purchase or sell, freely. Besides this, it also encourages individuals to truly perform tasks that help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as their tasks would have to be completed and verified on the HOOXI app (launching on 4th October), and in turn, they will be rewarded with mission points which can be converted into our tokens.

I hope this clarifies!
Paresh Masani
ICO Consultant | Influencer | Strategy and Vision Execution | Public Relations | Crypto-funds | Blockchain Development Lead
Rated on Sep 19, 2018
Modified on Sep 19, 2018

Team members needed to be re-worked. Not convinced on each one's contribution! Github link doesn't work. What is video all about??
Whitepaper needs to have some more relevant information than people's photographs! No technical information found!
MVP shows using WGP; purchased things on Amazon! Really? Does Amazon knows this? Would like to see something release to the public for testing.

W Green PayICO team member replied on 1 Oct 2018
Thank you for your ratings and feedback!
We've updated the links accordingly. Also, as for Amazon, we have partnered with Zeex - you may read more about it here:

Our app will be released on 4th October :)
Suzat Fernandes
CFO & Co-Founder
Rated on Sep 17, 2018

W Green Pay has plenty of advisors on board. What is surprising to me is that they have a small team. The whitepaper should be revamped to provide further details for their business decisions. I am curious as to why the platform chose blockchain technology, I don’t think the project requires it for the execution. Waiting eagerly for an MVP.

W Green PayICO team member replied on 1 Oct 2018
Thank you for the ratings!
Public records ensure transparency of carbon credits generated are in line with real world data, decentralisation of carbon credit ownership for true ownership of the currency- any companies, individual are free to purchase, or sell; which is why blockchain would be necessary here.
Jamil Hasan
Database Expert, Operations Executive, Financial Platform Developer, and Project Closer
Rated on Sep 9, 2018

This project is flying in under the radar but has all the elements to be highly successful. This is a long term tracking project. If I were taking on any new projects to be an advisor I’d jump all over this one. I like how they structured their teams. Smart people here.

W Green PayICO team member replied on 1 Oct 2018
Thank you very much for the ratings! :)
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