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VL Coin

Best Cryptocurrency In India

VL Coin asset is India’s upcoming fast growing crypto assets, a disruptive decentralized blockchain solution for transparent fund management for NGO/Foundation and Government organizations. VL Coin asset is a peer-to-peer virtual coin circulation that would facilitate instant, marginal cost payments to anyone anywhere in the world. VL Coin is an open source, comprehensive payment network that is fully decentralized without any central authorities. Mathematical algorithm enhances the network security and authorizes the individuals to organize their own finances. VL Coin asset has features like global accessibility , better transaction confirmation times, cost effectiveness and superior storage efficiency than the varying math-based algorithmic digital currencies. With substantial support from industry, trade volume and liquidity, VL Coin asset is a proven medium of commerce complementary to other digital currencies. VL Coin is digital money used for assured, smoother and quick transfer of value to anyone anywhere round the globe, with no borders or limits. All in all, there is no financial institution, government, or any administration to command.

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Price in ICO
1 VLC = 0.09 USD
ICO start
15th Feb 2018
ICO end
25th Apr 2018
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About VL Coin

We at Virtual Lakshmi believe in transparent fund management flow and are leveraging our blockchain technology to solve the issue of fund management in NGO/Foundation/Government organizations and/or others. We have already developed the technology which is scalable, secure, and inter-operational and once our ICO is over, we will start executing the same.

Virtual Lakshmi also aims at serving as a utility token for B2B market and e commerce arena where the funds will be managed transparently throughout the process.

We request you all, who already have joined with us or planning to join us, to have patience and stand with us. We are committed to provide you the best. Join us now and get higher benefits before the ICO starts. ICO will be done in four phases with starting price of $0.16 per coin (VL Coin). ICO will launch by 15th Feb 2018 and stay till 15th April 2018.

ICO KYC Report
3 members invited
Manoj Kumar Rathore
Shani Singh
Akhil Sharma
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