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VIBELAND revolutionizes the fundamental fabric of traditional community building through the utilization of blockchain technology and the development of decentralized applications. VIBELAND empowers creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs with an educational community where valuable resources and networks are shared. VIBELAND provides community members a platform where users are rewarded for sharing their experiences, knowledge, creations, opinions, and wisdom.

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VIBELAND is an open-sourced, decentralized network incentivizing and recognizing value contributed to the economy through consensus. VIBELAND revolutionizes the fundamental concepts of traditional community building by utilizing blockchain technology and uniquely designed economic incentives. VIBELAND is focused on developing decentralized infrastructure and hosting adoption events where real world application may be demonstrated.

VIBELAND empowers individuals by rewarding creators, innovators, and educators for contributing value to the network.

VIBELAND allows individuals to take back ownership of their personal data by utilizing a distributed public ledger provided by the blockchain. A blockchain is an immutable distributed public ledger that records encrypted peer-to-peer transactions efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way. Blockchain technology provides transparency, security, privacy, and many other advantages to the VIBELAND global network. This shift toward decentralization and away from centralized data ownership is a fundamental component of the VIBELAND economic model.

VIBELAND is shifting social media toward blockchain-based attribution. On current centralized platforms, attribution is something that can be lost overnight. That is to say for instance, a posted image or video can be replicated and re-shared without the consent or regard for the original creator and true content owner.

Under VIBELAND’s blockchain-based social media, a content creator would always be able to point to a public record and timestamp showing proof of their content origination. In a circumstance where a creator would like to address those who have re-shared without permission or attribution, blockchain-based records provide public proof that the content was posted by a particular user at a particular time. In the future, blockchain-based attribution will become recognized by governments for its authenticity and will hold weight in court, which would give content creators greater power to control the dissemination of their work in the conventional industrial economy.

VIBELAND’s distributed network will be defined by the growth and engagement within the community. By maximizing our ability to empower individuals through decentralized community-building, VIBELAND will revolutionize global institutional power dynamics.

VIBELAND replaces conventional industrial economic-models with a decentralized tokenized economic-model. The transaction currency of this network economy is VIBELAND Digital (VBLD). Through the utilization of VIBELAND’s blockchain-based asset VBLD, individuals are empowered all across the globe to overcome limitations of conventional institutions and restrictions of government-issued fiat currency.

In terms of performance and scalability, the VIBELAND network is built upon Stellar-Core. Stellar-Core has been publicly demonstrated to sustain over 1,000 transactions per second on a distributed test network. Stellar- Core can easily scale to 2,000 or more transactions per second (while maintaining up-to 1 billion accounts) with relatively straightforward improvements to server capacity and communication protocols.


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