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Hybrid cryptocurrency based on real values

V-Coins is a hybrid cryptocurrency based on real values. For each mined V-Coin (emitted from the mint wallet or “mined” by end users), 80 percent of the initial selling price is kept in the value basket. The value basket is the feature that distinguishes V-Coins from other cryptocurrencies, as well as from modern fiat currencies as they have diverged from the path where the government issued paper notes were defended by reserves of physical goods. The value basket consists mostly of precious metals, as their supply is limited and they have real value in use.

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preICO start
25th Sep 2017
preICO end
25th Oct 2017
ICO start
15th Nov 2017
ICO end
15th Dec 2017
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About V-Coins

Why V-Coins
Because V-Coins:

  • has an intrinsic value
  • has a value basket with precious metals and ‘hard currencies’
  • puts 80% of the revenues derived from selling V-Coins by the system in the value basket
  • transactions are cost-free and instantaneous
  • has a low volatility due to the built-in algorithm
  • can replace FIAT currencies as means of payment
  • is based on a blockchain
  • is a tested cryptocurrency (four months of intense live testing)
  • has a full working wallet available
  • follows the KYC rules to avoid money laundering, criminal activities, and financing terrorism and is therefore poised to be in regulatory compliance in the foreseeable future
  • is anonymous to use but due the KYC rules still governed
  • is independent of banks and governments
  • has a centralized management providing control, customer service and marketing
  • is accepted by many companies as an alternative means of payment

What is the purpose of the ICO?

  • V-Coins aims to expand globally
  • V-Coins wants to enhance the wallet and the platform
  • V-Coins wishes to become the most widespread and used cryptocurrency
  • V-Coins intends to change the world of finance
  • V-Coins strives to develop additional areas of use for blockchains
  • V-Coins seeks to become an accepted currency with official trading on FOREX
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