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Monetize Your Contents for a Lifetime

Creators invest their time and effort into creating a content. But most of them do not receive proper compensation for their work. Conventional blockchain-based compensation-driven social media platforms limit the number of days for which content creators are paid for their work. UUNIO disagrees with this method of compensation. Content compensation should not be limited by time or unfair conditions. Therefore, UUNIO decides to reward content creators fairly and create Uniful Chain! Uniful Chain is Contents Reward Platform which issues a fixed amount of tokens every day for contents creators, contents curators, interest pool and node maintenance for each dApp using our Rest A.P.I.. In addition, our mission is to remunerate the contents creators and users as owners of the community.

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Benchy 2.9
Review: coming soon PRO
Price in preICO
1 UUNIO = 0.08 USD
Price in ICO
0.0800 USD
Restricted areas
USA, Singapore
preICO start
1st Mar 2018
preICO end
30th Apr 2018
ICO start
1st May 2018
ICO end
30th Jun 2018
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With the spread of smartphones, SNS and contents platform like Facebook and YouTube are on an upward trajectory. IT conglomerates which provide free services are making a huge profits with the use of big data of user information. In addition, they also take part of the revenue from contents in the name of commission.

UUNIO questions the system and suggests new platform. Revenue from big data which consists of user information and SNS use patterns will be given back to users. Every activities like posting, liking, and sharing will be rewarded with UNIF Token. UUNIO will be new SNS platform with actual reward system and provide an alternative for previous SNS users.

In addition, UUNIO is a platform to build a creator-friendly environment. Compared to the current platform which only gives 20 percent of the revenue to creator, UUNIO gives 65 percent of the revenue to creator, 25 percent to liker and sharer. UUNIO is planning to create a recommendation system for retaining good creators and maintaining a sound creating community. By not charging commission and providing resources for improvement, UUNIO will attract various creators.

There are not many credible press that provide true information after the appearance of capitalism and revenue generation through advertising. UUNIO suggests UUNIREVIEW and UUNIPRESS as a possible solution. UUNIREVIEW provides accurate information with unique reward system and assessment policy. UUNIPRESS is an independent journalism platform, excluding the advertiser and the press, which is made to provide high quality articles and to give the noble role to protect the democratic value.

There are UNIF token and UUNIO coin within the environment of UUNIO. UUNIO coin is a coin which is available in the market in the period of private sale, pre-sale, and crowd-sale. If the fund is raised to a total amount of 20 million dollars, 900 million UUNIO coin will be supplied. The price of UUNIO coin is 0.08 dollar each. UNIF token is a token which can be actually used within UUNIO and exchangeable to UUNIO coin. Consumer can buy UUNIO coin at a discounted price in the period of private-sale and pre-sale.

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