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Bi-directional Cryptocurrency Trading Solution

Traditional ETN (Exchange-traded Note) concept needs a third party to keep a ledger. This requires additional trust-related costs with limited access times and clearing times. Credit Washington (CW) has developed the next-generation ETN technology on blockchain networks, called Blockchain-traded Note (BTN) and offered 2x bi-directional Ethereum BTNs. Through ICO, CW will develop and integrate more BTNs to

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Price in ICO
0.1800 USD
preICO start
5th Mar 2018
preICO end
22nd Apr 2018
ICO start
23rd Jun 2018
ICO end
3rd Jun 2018
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About Ultrashares

  • The technology development and market research completed and ready to provide crypto traders with low-priced, leveraged, and bi-directional trading instruments, our patented and proven solution for the high demand. To provide this useful instrument to a wide range of crypto traders, Credit Washington needs ICO funding to increase security hedge asset. To guarantee all buyback (cash-out) orders at all times in all market conditions, Credit Washington issues Ultrashares coins strictly within the hedge capacity.
  • Today's crypto market needs leveraged and bi-directional trading products;
  • Hedge asset from ICO is secured and will enable explosive growth;
  • Ultrashares provides a proven stepping stone for the first target of $100 million/year net revenue;
  • 30%/year growth in crypto market; 10x return on investment;
  • The team has proven the concept and technology through the successful development of the first BTN.
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