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TrueFeedBackChain is a Blockchain Powered Survey and Bounty Platform

TrueFeedBack is a survey/bounty platform where companies, institutions, academicians or other interested parties can create surveys or bounties. Users can participate in these surveys and bounties, get incentives for participating and stay anonymous all the time. What Makes TrueFeedBack Different? What distinguishes TrueFeedBack from other survey or bounty applications is the anonymity of its users. TrueFeedBack platform does not gather any information about the users' identity and the incentives on the platform will be distributed in TrueFeedBack (TFB) tokens. So that the users will enjoy their anonymity, while being able to participate in surveys and earn incentives by completing them. TrueFeedBackChain For Clients -Global application -Cheaper than traditional methods -Trustworthy results -TrueFeedBack App -TrueFeedBack mobile app is available on Google Play. We will be available on App Store soon. Anonymity and Incentivization are the two major drawbacks of current survey/bounty systems. TrueFeedBack solves these issues by integrating its platform on the blockchain. TrueFeedBack aims to make the participants feel comfortable and enables them to remain anonymous in order to get the most accurate results. Academicians, who need surveys for their academic research, will be supported by TrueFeedBack platform.

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Benchy 3.3
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value of tokens sold in ICO
Truefeedback Token / TFB
Price in preICO
1 Truefeedback Token / TFB = 0.00015 USD
Price in ICO
0.0002 USD
Restricted areas
USA, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin islands , Singapore, Canada, China,Cuba, Iraq, Sryia.
preICO start
1st Apr 2019
preICO end
15th Apr 2019
ICO start
28th Jun 2019
ICO end
8th Jul 2019
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About Truefeedback

A brief introduction about blockchain, surveys, and TrueFeedBack solution. It has been more than 10 years since the emergence of Bitcoin. Bitcoin was designed to be a peer-to-peer payment method, however, the technology it brought was developed further in the past years. Ethereum, for example, introduced the smart contracts to the blockchain and that opened up new ways for using blockchain in real-world cases. So that the blockchain technologies are not just for peer-to-peer payment anymore. Smart Contracts and Live Contracts enable developers to develop decentralized applications (DAPPs) on the blockchains. Blockchain is still developing and its full potential is yet to be discovered, so the upcoming years will show the world what it is capable of. That is why so many experts state that Blockchain’s current situation is similar to the Internet in the ’90s.

What made blockchain technologies so popular? This question does not simply have just one answer. One of the biggest reasons is that blockchain transactions are anonymous. Even though every transfer can be traced on the blocks, the addresses are not related to any personal IDs and that makes cryptocurrencies anonymous. However, the traceability might cause disclosure of the identity if an investigation is carried out very carefully. Therefore, there are fully anonymous blockchains which were developed like Monero in which transactions cannot be traced all the way down. Therefore, spending money anonymously without being watched attracted many people to Bitcoin. Another reason was the volatility of the cryptocurrencies. Many people made a fortune due to volatile markets and that attracted too many investors into it. Market cap for crypto money ecosystem has reached to approximately 850 billion USD in late 2017. This shows the growing appetite of investors into the cryptocurrencies. Smart contracts and their applicability to real-world businesses are also another reason for people’s attention to the blockchain.

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