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Trends Project

Welcome to the Trends Project

Our platform is dedicated to providing calculated trading positions to maximise profit chances while educating our users on why they trade and how to optimize your trading pattern. Trends Project will create the world's largest community analysis platform to give everyone a maximized opportunity for profit.

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Price in preICO
1 TRND = 0.1875 USD
Price in ICO
0.2500 USD
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preICO start
1st Jul 2018
preICO end
31st Jul 2018
ICO start
15th Aug 2018
ICO end
3rd Oct 2018
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About Trends Project

New traders are joining the cryptocurrency market daily trying to profit.
This market is already over 20 Billion USD in daily trading volume.

These new traders lose a lot of money by not knowing anything about the crypto market.

New traders make bad trades because of FUD, effects of social media, influencers that promise enormous profits just using the trader to pump and dump.

After experiencing this the user abandons cryptocurrency again, leaving billions of dollars from flowing into the crypto market.
Because of this the cryptocurrency market takes a long time to be integrated into mainstream trading and in getting rid of it’s bad name.

Our technical analysts offer consistent and calculated trading positions by accounting for market stability, news articles, statistical analysis, historical analysis, experience in trading and many more factors upon which they decide what is the best move to make to increase chances of profit.

Next to our technical analysis, our platform provides educative tools for users to understand and learn about the market, about cryptocurrency trading, and the constant influx of new opportunities.

After learning about cryptocurrency trading they can jump right into trading, understanding our analysts positions, customizing their investment portfolio by choosing what kind of investment attitude they would like to incorporate.

Based on that investment profile, our platform will provide the user with custom trading advice while educating them on the details of their trading positions by use of our trading tools.

They can choose to follow our analysts as they place their trading positions, while having full access to the detailed reports of our analysts including but not limited to (daily/weekly/monthly/yearly profit, average trade position holding period, risk percentage, amount of profitable positions in a certain time period)

Our users can also use the tools we provide for them to create their own investment portfolio and make educated and calculated trading positions depending on all the data we will provide for every cryptocurrency.

Use Case
Our token will allow our users to be placed into tiers depending on the amount of tokens they hold.

As your trading skills advance, our users can purchase more tokens to enter the next tier and get access to more advanced trading tools and guides which will allow you to understand the more complex positions made by our analysts that are available on the next tier.

This tier system will also allow us to keep the market as stable as possible, since our users will only have access to the analysts in their tiers, making sure that our users don’t pump and dump coins and are allowing the natural market movement to occur.

Our tokens can also be used as a payment method on the platform to subscribe to specific analysts.
This system will act as an incentive to our analysts to provide consistent and calculated trading positions to maximise profit chances.

Our integration of the Bancor protocol will allow users to efficiently swap our token to any of the over 100 tokens available on the Bancor Network without the use of an exchange.

Why Choose Us?
Trends is an access token based on the ERC-20 technical standard.
It is the core asset to the Trends Platform
We offer decentralized trading analysis which allows you to take full control of your own assets.

Trade Alerts on the Go
Alerts sent directly to your mobile wallet and/or laptop. You will be able to stay in touch with our analysts and interact with other members of the community 24/7 in our live chat across various social media platforms.

Affordable Access
For less than $5 you can gain access to our platform. Should you wish to opt out of our services at any time, you may simply send your tokens to one of our affiliated exchanges and trade them for another currency.

Informed Trading Analysis
Credibility is rare with financial advisory towards cryptocurrency markets. Our trading analysts will recommend entry points, stop-losses, and sell-off points for your peace of mind as an investor.

Get alerts
Professional Technical Analysis Alerts (PTAA) – We have partnered with the best analysts worldwide with a proven track record to offer our users the best chance at making profits in the cryptocurrency market.

Be knowledgeable
Our technical analysts set goals for short and/or long-term holdings depending on analysis, general consensus, development activity, announcements or partnerships that are happening.

Become an analyst
Use our platform to enrich your knowledge of the cryptomarket by letting us help you in taking your first steps in proper trading.

Without price fluctuations
TRND is solely an access token with a stable price-point, which means it is required to be held in order to gain access to the platform.

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Olgun Aktepe
Nikolaus Heger
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