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Thing Operating System

TOS is a decentralized hierarchical block network technology based on SDAG for the Internet of Things (IoT) industry. This technology has good scalability, it combines the technologies of blockchain book and the technologies of directed acyclic graph to realize automatic distribution of massive transaction data to hierarchical block network to reduce data redundancy of the entire network block and solve the massive data storage problem of the Internet of Things industry; Users can decide to use free or paid transactions according to the value of the data,which reaches the balance of password economics; the open source and decentralized network protocols reduce the economic barrier to join the smart IoT network protocol (blockchain + IoT), they create a Cross-category、Cross-region smart-connected network protocol ecosystem . 

An overview of the TOS vision, the project is divided into three stages to promote: 1) to complete the bottom public chain of TOS thing-to-Internet. 2) open source platform that can be used for solution of the custom-build internet of thing. 3) provide unified protocol standard for the big intelligent hardware manufacturer.

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8th May 2018
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18th May 2018
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About TOS

The core technology of TOS, SDAG, solves the three pain points of the Internet of things: massive data storage, high concurrency and large transaction costs.
For existing block chain technology, DAG technology can solve the problem of high concurrency and high transaction cost. But the problems such as huge amount of data redundancy, the huge amount of network data transmission and the inability to determine the time’s length of the transaction are not solved, and they are the problems that must be solved in the Internet of things.


Reducing the cost of the Internet of things
Block chain technology provides a point to point direct interconnection way for data transfer. The whole Internet of things solution does not need to introduce large data centers for data synchronization and management control, thereby reducing the operation cost of the Internet of things.
Big Data Management
As far as large data analysis and mining are concerned, the application of blockchain expands the scale and richness of the data. The technology of block chain makes the quality of data get unprecedented trust. It ensures the correctness of data analysis and data mining, and realizes the prediction, analysis and action of big data. It will become the cornerstone of the digital economic era.
Security and Transparency
Blockchain relies on discrete decentralized computer clusters to run, and its fair consensus mechanism to ensure the security of the network, you can view the history of transactions, to ensure the transparency of information.

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