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The Island

We are making for you a game, which does not limit you in choosing the path. Your goal is to survive at any cost in the world that wants to kill you and is very inventive in realizing this desire. So who is stronger? Will you be able to bend the world.

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28th Aug 2017
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25th Sep 2017
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About The Island

The Island game (and as well) is our vision of an ideal survival-universe in a pirate setting.

It's important to know: The Island is only the first chapter of our pirate saga. This is a single player for the MMORPG game universe developed by us in the world of pirates of the 17th century, in which every player can live the life of an ordinary colonist, pirate, or - feel like a woman or a child of that time. The goal of the game is to survive at any cost in the world, which seeks to kill you by all available means.

After conducting a preliminary study of the survival-games market, we found several facts that spurred us, eventually, to the development of the game The Island (

Fact 1: survival-games currently in a trend (this type can include games such as: ARK Survival Evolved, Arma 3 Exile, RUST, Conan Exile, Playerunknown`s Battleground, Last Man Standing etc.).

Fact 2: The overall popularity of survival-games is growing (according to the data of the Steam Spy analytics service, the Playerunknown`s Battlegrounds audience continues to grow from the beginning of sales to the present time: at a constant game cost, the number of sales today exceeds 6 million copies; the same service tells us that copies of the game named RUST (survival-game in open world) today sold more than 5.5 million.

Fact 3: the greatest total popularity is survival-games with the open world (an example of RUST alone speaks volumes) 

Fact 4: pirate topics are increasingly gaining popularity (you may watch on the recent release of the fifth series of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, the success of the games of the Assassin's Creed series in general and the pirate Black Flag, in particular, the announcement of a new part of this endless series in the framework of the recent E3 exhibition and other events in the industry)

Fact 5: Games created by the fan-community (namely, people who are passionate players and understanding the expectations of other players), as additions to the main game, gained popularity, comparable (or even greater) with the base game from the professional studio (typical examples: Counter-Strike (HalfLife fan-mod) with more than 75 million players (CS, CS: CZ, CS: Source, CS: GO and other modes, and Dota / Dota 2 (fan-mod to WarCraft 3) with more than 100 million players.

Fact 6: The Island development team is a longtime fan of the genre of survival and creates a game "from players to players" Any gamer knows how much the developer's interest in developing the game and the game universe as a whole is expensive, when developers react to the expectations and signals of players vividly, improving the gameplay, correcting the found bugs, allowing players to get new emotions from the development of the game world.

We, the developers of The Island, create a game that will be interesting for us to play. So it will not leave any other players indifferent either.

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