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The best way to say thank you

The world’s first currency, which can be printed and handed in. Blockchain technology is impacting the world and shaping the mankind future, so it is us who are in charge what the future is going to be like. The cryptocurrency world has recently been given birth to, but we can already face a number of coins with vulgar names charged with unclear ideas and aims. All mentioned interferes with the cryptocurrency market development, tightens the regulators policy and makes decent people stay away from it. Today we want to invite all of you and make one team not only to form a new cryptocurrency market, but also bring a bit more kindness into the world. For your pleasure we present the ThankYou (THNX) cryptobanknote. ThankYou is the first thank you, where both positive emotions and the money are implied. ThankYou is the first cryptocurrency, which is able to get printed, put in a wallet or handed in when proper.

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17th Aug 2017
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5th Oct 2017

About ThankYou

Cryptocurrency is our future, and it depends on all of us for what it will be like. The world of cryptocurrencies is basically only being born, but vulgar names are already given to the coins in such that repulse decent people, there by impeding the correct development of the cryptocurrency market. Today we would like to invite you all to join the team to make not only the cryptocurrency market, but also the world a little nicer.

We would like to present ThankYou (THNX) to you.

ThankYou (THNX) is the first Thank You in the world, secured not only by positive emotions, but also by money.
ThankYou (THNX) is the first Thank You in the world, the value of which will grow by year.

We think that Thank You, no matter what language it’s spoken in is a magical word that makes the world kinder. Regardless of what world it’s spoken in: ours, virtual or a fantasy world – it should sound more often. Therefore,

Thank You, as never before, needs our general support. Thank You is gratitude and gratitude is a positive feeling. The more often and the greater  positive feelings we feel, the greater the odds of all of us acquiring the true happiness.

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