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Tag World Exchange

Innovative Smart Contract Based Platform

TAG World Exchange (TWEX) is a Blockchain based smart contract trading platform that embraces all coming regulations in order to enable its clients to invest safely and securely. All companies trading on the platform issues Smart Contracts for capital repayment and for-profit participation scheduled on their repayment capacity and timing. All investors are able to price these smart contracts using our proprietary valuation tool, the Ticker Valuation Algorithm, and trade them at a time and price of their choice. Apart from trading Smart Contracts, users can also trade our proprietary Tokenised Preferred Share (TPS) that gives them a percentage of our profits. A TPS does not give you equity, dividends or voting rights but it does give you a first lien on all assets of the issuer in case of default! TWEX Offerings are noninflationary and based on real-world economies.

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22 days 20 hours left
2018-02-03 - 2018-08-14
PreICO Price
1 TWEX = 0.30 EUR
1 TWEX = 0.40 EUR
BTC, ETH, Fiat
Minimum investment
10 EUR
Soft cap
100,000,000 EUR
Hard cap
160,000,000 EUR
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About Tag World Exchange

TWEX has created a unique new revolutionary system that enables companies and tokens to comply with existing and new coming regulations in the World of Cryptos.

As soon as the US SEC will rule that all Tokens are security tokens and as such liable to certain rules and regulations, at least 90 % of all on going ICOS will not be able to comply. Not because they are not good enough but because it costs as much as doing an IPO to comply!

Many of these parties are saying: ‘let’s not accept Americans and as such do not have to contend with their rules and regulations!’ Whereas this approach has worked until now and might still work for the coming months what will they do when other Jurisdictions follow suit? The FCA, ECB, BAFIN, etc – will surely come to the conclusion that it will be much simpler for them to regulate ICO’s the same way the US is doing:

We at TWEX have developed our new product the Tokenised Preferred Share (TPS) that enables companies doing an ICO’s to satisfy on coming regulations and still be able to continue to trade if and when their token has ceased to exist.

ICO KYC Report
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