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Foundation of the Decentralized Web

An open-source network that allows anyone to allocate their spare computing resources to make the internet a free and fair place for the entire world.

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Benchy 2.4
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0.0744 USD
ICO start
14th Aug 2017
ICO end
14th Sep 2017
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Simon Waddington
Software engineer and advisor
Rated on Dec 24, 2017

This project has laudable goals - but I found the Whitepaper lacking in details of how this would work. They are talking about serving notn just content, but also application code and databases on their nodes. That doesn't mesh with any of the other descriptions of how this would work. I'd be more inclined to invest in a pure network decentralization system such as SKYCOIN or a pure application decentralization platform such as HOLOCHAIN or EOS and use those with a SKYCOIN or equivalent (or just on top of plain old Tor).

We don't have any visibility of what the product is, no code on Github yet so have to take their word on what the product is looking like. So 2 for product although arguably it could be a 1.

The team does not have a track record of launching blockchain apps or decentralized networks. To be fair very, very few do - so that why I gave them a 3.

And as for vision - well like I said, I'm behind the goal but I really can't see people actually paying to use it. I see a lot of people wanting to run nodes to earn coins, but who is going to pay?

There is a chicken an egg problem and I don't see any business partnerships or brilliant idea to bootstrap the content publishing when there are so many places you can host small amounts of stuff for free, or if you are a big guy you probably don't care about paying AWS or Google etc.

We could end up with a community of folks who host a node to make enough to pay to host their content for free. But those people probably wont be buying an SUB as best I can tell. So I'll give a 3 again for yay on the hopes and dreams, but nay on the economic viability.

Should you invest? I think there WILL be a bunch of interest in this when it launches and as I said people will be running nodes. The market cap is still relatively low so I can imagine another 5 to 10x before people start wondering if there is anyone but speculators buying the coin. Another way to invest would be run a node when it launches. I don't know what the payback would look like but like all coins that have some kind of mining you may find the very early adopters do well.

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